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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Ever Zistle Trade

Back when I had 150+ cards to go to complete my 1991 Fleer set (now down to the three that are on the right side of this post), I scoured my often neglected zistle.com account to try to see if there was anybody on there who had a tradelist that matched up with mine.  I found a few, but had trouble setting anything up.  Fortunately I have the wonderful people in the blogosphere to help with my search of yellow cardboard.

However, I was able to find somebody to do a trade with.  hpennington is a zistle member who actually reached out to me for a trade.  Originally, it was filled with '91 Fleer cards, but after checking out his trade list, I changed a few things around to get some cards that I'd been trying to track down for a while.

First up, the final piece I needed to complete the 2012 Heritage Rangers team set.

Figures that it'd be Wash, the Rangers manager.  I guess it isn't a "true" team set, since I haven't gone after the short prints in the set, let alone the box set of high number cards.  But getting the 15 Rangers from the base set is good enough for this Padre collector, no reason to go off the deep end for the Rangers.  Still working on my '13 Heritage team set for the Astros...

This is one of the few non-Padre cards from this year's Topps set that I've had on the "want" list, but it hasn't materialized in any trade packages.  Nice to finally be able to slide this one into a binder page as well, I don't seem to have a lot of A's in my binders.

Well, it couldn't all be AL West teams, right?  These were two cards that I snagged off his trade list.  The Iguchi is my third of him as a Friar for my "Miscellaneous Padres" binder, while the Benes from '94 Topps goes into my Player Collection binder.  This is my 57th Benes card, which is good.

Last but not least, a Fred McGriff rookie card the oldest Fred McGriff card in my collection!  I'm sure there are some cards from the Crime Dog's days in San Diego that I haven't tracked down yet, but I thought that I had the majority of his Blue Jay cards.  Glad to finally track down this one, '87 Donruss design and all.  

EDIT: I thought this was his rookie card, but thanks to or my great commenters for correcting me.  I obviously love baseball cards, but am by no means an expert.

I also got a cool card of Chris Gomez, former Padre shortstop, but I'll save that one for later.

Hopefully I can get organized enough to get more of my collection onto zistle, but for now, this blog is doing the job pretty well.  Always good to find new avenues to trade; turning unwanted cards into Padres and McGriff rookies sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


  1. Your '91 Fleer set is finished. I have those three for you all minty fresh.
    I'll check out your wantlist here and see if I can find others.

    Email me your addy... or I'll enter these three cards on zistle and find me there.

    on zistle I'm Captain_Canuck

  2. I have #5 on your Most Wanted list (2013 Heritage #345 Pedro Ciriaco) that I would be more than happy to send your way. I also have a 2012 Topps GM Auto of Josh Byrnes that you might be interested in. You can check out my Trade Bait page of my blog (http://cardboardhabit.blogspot.com/) to check it out. You can e-mail me your addy (judson meeks at gee mail dot com) and I will drop them in the mail to you.

  3. re: McGriff rookie.. don't forget he actually has a card in the '86 Donruss set (not "the rookies", but the actual base set). Great card.