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Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Whole Year's Worth Of Trades

If you read this blog, chances are you also read This Way To The Clubhouse..., an awesome card blog run by my buddy, Mark.  Mark's blog recently celebrated it's first anniversary, and it happened to coincide with the arrival of some cards I sent his way.  In that post, he mentions that we've maintained a great training relationship, which has evolved (or devolved?) into just sending each other cards whenever we feel like it/have something to send.  He also mentions that our blogs have share similar writing styles.  I wonder if that's why his trade packages resonate so well with me?

Anyways, besides the obligatory Benito Santiago card that accompanies every trade package (I might need to have the Backstop Card interns go back to verify that bit of info, but they're a pretty sorry bunch), there was plenty of post worthy cardboard goodness.

I normally stick to the "Large" size for the images I use on the blog, but that's how much I love these two cards; they get the "Extra Large" treatment.  These get me two cards closer to finishing my Tony Gwynn Topps Timeline project.  Check: '01 and '85 Topps.  Now, just missing '94, '95, '99, and '00.  Check out Tony's shades.

There were also a few other additions to my player collections, including this pair of McGriffs.  Actually, the '93 Leaf is going into the Team Set binder, since I'm trying to piece that one together.  The backs of '93 Leaf are probably my favorite of all time.  I also want to put together the White Sox set from that year, and reminisce of my days in Chi-Town.

Andy Benes cards are pretty sweet, the dude meant business when he was on the mound.  No smiles here.

Some great additions to the collection from this year's Archives set.  Not a huge fan of the stickers, but you can't go wrong with sharing space with Ripken and Sandberg.  Boggs was good, too, but for whatever reason, I was more of a fan of the other three guys on that card than Boggs.

I almost put this into my "doubles" pile (the one for the upcoming Free Padre Card Draft, if you haven't signed up yet), but then I realized that I didn't have this one anymore.  I wanna say that I gave it to my buddy TTG, being that they're both West Virginia boys.  At the time, I thought, "Hey, what are the chances that a touted prospect for the Padres is actually gonna work out?  Sure, you can take that card!"  Well, turns out that he's having a pretty decent rookie campaign so far, despite being on the DL with some hamstring issues.  Keep your eyes open for The Jerk (Gyorko is pronounced Jerk-Oh); the man has got some skills.

Last but not least, Mark was kind enough to send over a few of these things.  I guess they're called coins, but don't lie to me, I know what coins look like.  I can just imagine the grief I would get if I tried to use these in the break room at work to get a Snickers.  Still, if it's got an "SD" on it, it's good in my book.

A trade package with cards that spans 27 years ('86 to '13)?  Not too shabby at all.  Definitely looking forward to the next year of trading with Mark, as well as the rest of the great characters out in the blogosphere.

I'm outta here.  I think we're going to make it an action movie weekend.  After finishing The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon, we're going with Jack Reacher tonight.  Haven't heard a ton of good stuff about it, but Tom Cruise has been the star of some of my favorite movies (Top Gun, Mission: Impossible, Minority Report, A Few Good Men).  


  1. Are you going to hate me when the first non-Benito package arrives?

    Also, I don't think that Gyorko came from me! Unless the mail fairy inserted it into the mailer...

    You da man, Marcus!

    1. Hmmm... your package came on the same day as two others, so that Gyorko might've been stack leaping, as cards tend to do sometimes.

      I just keep wondering where you're coming up with all of those Benito cards! I don't get very many from his San Diego days in packages, let alone his post-Padre playing time. You'll never catch me complaining about a trade package from Delaware, Santiago cards or not.

  2. That is a great Gyorko card; I don't have a copy of it so the mystery continues!

    1. That's it, the Backstop interns are fired. I suspect they were Diamondback fans anyways. Good riddance.