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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Few Cents Worth

Kevin over at The Diamond King blog has been showing off some cards that he was able to obtain for the slim price of a nickel each.  Just when you thought your change couldn't get you anything anymore!  When it only costs a nickel, it's hard to say no to any number of cards that could be used in trades.  I commented on a post that showed off a quartet of Dale Murphy cards, all from Canadian brands.  This is obviously evident due to the word "Etolie" appearing underneath the words "All-Star" on this 1984 O-Pee-Chee card.

Of course, the backs have some French on them as well.  I particularly thought it was interesting to see that this card mentioned his marital status.  As of 1984, he was married with three kids, though he would eventually have eight!

 Here are the other Canadian Murphy's that were sent my way.  I know that Murph got a lot of notoriety from his days with the Braves when he won back to back MVPs, but I was only a few years old when some of these came out, so I only remember the tail end of his career with the Phillies (and eventually the Rockies).  Always enjoy seeing cards from his salad days.

Of course, Kevin was also generous enough to include a few Friars in the envelope he sent my way, including this stellar looking Dave Winfield card.  Winfield is another player that was on his way out when I was a kid - I remember him more for his time with the Twins and Blue Jays than with the Padres and Yankees.  Like Murph, I don't pass up chances to add Winfield cards from his first team to the binders.

Thanks again for the cards, Kevin!

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