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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trade 'Em!

I'm finally caught up with trades!

I think!


Last night I dropped a bunch of envelopes in the mail box and today I'm taking a few other packages to the post office after school.  Work has been keeping me busy, and since the post office in my town closes at 4:30, it's been tough getting to it before it closes.

Anyways, I've also been looking for an excuse to show this card, which is one of my favorite Padre cards, commemorating the trade that made them an awesome team in the 90s.

The Players, right to left:
Pedro Martinez, Craig Shipley, Steve Finley, Ricky Gutierrez, Phil Plantier, Doug Brocail, Roberto Petagine, Andujar Cedeno, Ken Caminiti and Brian Williams.

This card only shows ten-twelfths of the players involved in "the largest trade since 1957".  For some reason, Derek Bell didn't get the memo and wasn't included in the photo.  The Astros also sent a minor leaguer named Sean Fesh to San Diego as the "player to be named later".  He would never make it to the big club.

Speaking of dozens, the Padres scored a baker's dozen last night, whooping the Cubbies 13-7.  Way to go offense, I can't imagine the Padres winning a lot of games when the pitching gives up seven runs.  Yonder Alonso, Nick Hundley, and Carlos Quentin all homered and had eight RBIs combined.  Hopefully they saved some for tomorrow's game.


  1. I've wanted to land this card for a while. Maybe it'll turn up in a dime box sometime.

    And last night's Pads-Cubs game was an absolute massacre. I had to turn it off because it was getting unbearable.

  2. That trade really did work out a lot better for the Padres than the Astros.