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Sunday, May 5, 2013

These Are Not Padre Cards

I don't know if "pride" is the right word for it, but I guess I kinda pride myself on collecting almost exclusively Padre cards.  I'd say that roughly three fourths of my cards are Friars, with the majority of non-Padres being in my 1992 Pinnacle Series 1 and random cards of former Padres.  I like this setup, since it helps narrow my search of great cardboard.

However, here are a few recent Non-Padre additions to the collection...

Any Padre fan worth their salt loves Nate Colbert, even if they never saw him play (like me).  Colbert was an Original Padre, and their first big star.  His big claim to fame was hitting five home runs and having 13 RBI on August 1, 1972, during the Padres doubleheader against the Braves.  Stan Musial had the previous record for homers and RBI in a doubleheader at 5 and 11, respectively.  Coincidentally, Musial performed the feat at a game attended by a young Colbert, who was born in St. Louis.  This card from 2012 Golden Age, goes into the non-Padres binder not because there are no logos on these unlicensed cards, but because this uniform appears to be during Nate's final days in baseball as a Detroit Tiger.  Love me any and all Nate Colbert cards.

Like the card before it, this was bought off of eBay.  The Colbert was only a dime, while this one was a whopping 15 cents.  Darrel Akerfelds was the bullpen coach for the Padres for eleven seasons before passing away due to complications dealing with his pancreatic cancer.  This is my first Akerfelds card, which happens to be from his last year in the bigs... as a player.  RIP.

This Erstad came my way from West Virginia, courtesy of a PWE from Joe from Friars on Cardboard.  He sent me another card as well that I liked even better than this one, but you'll havta wait to see that until next week or so.  Notice that Erstad made Bowman's "Scout's Honor Roll" and the border looks like notebook paper.

Wynn Pelzer is the closest you'll see to a Padre card in this post.  He was drafted by the Pads in the 9th round of the '07 Draft, and is shown here pitching for the Friars AA affiliate in San Antonio.  Never heard of the guy, but seeing cards like this makes me worried about the current crop of Padre prospects who I'm high on that might not make it.  Still, a good looking card.  Thanks goes to Weston of Fantastic Catch for this one.  He sent me some other good stuff as well, but I've got plans to show some other ones from that package next week.

Last card of the post features Barry Bonnell's rookie card from 1978  Mr. Havercamp, a previous trade associate,  was kind enough to peruse my want lists and send this and a '77 Padre card that I didn't have in a PWE a few days ago.  I was reading an article about Dale Murphy recently, and read that he was introduced to the Mormon church by a minor league teammate named Barry Bonnell, who later baptized him.  I served as a missionary for my church and spoke to thousands of strangers about my beliefs, but still get apprehensive sometimes mentioning it to friends and co-workers, so I like to see that there are others who aren't timid with their beliefs.  This wasn't a "had to have it" card, but cool to have nonetheless.

Okay, I guess I couldn't go a whole post without posting up something a little more Padres related than a minor league card.  Mr. Havercamp happened to catch a game in Petco Park when his beloved Giants were visiting, and he snagged me a pocket schedule, which is pretty cool.  I remember when I first started using a wallet and would grab a few of these every game.  Really, what else does a little kid have worth keeping in a wallet?   I didn't like having too much in my wallet (made my butt a little lopsided and hurt to sit after a while), so I'd rip out all the extra pages and keep just the schedule.  Probably won't do that with this one :)

Thanks to all the great guys who've sent me cards that are worth writing about.  And thanks for cards that cost less than a quarter and come with free shipping.  Have a great Sunday.


  1. I'm not much of a salt-man, but I loves me some Nate Colbert. That card you just picked up of 'em is the best non-vintage card I've seen. Great pick-up, Marcus!

    Wynn Pelzer! Missions! Camo!!! Truly phenomenal card that I in no way knew existed.


  2. Glad you liked those two. I agree with Underdog on the Colbert and Pelzer. Oh, and Friars on Cardboard is no more. I changed it to 'From An Unlikely Source!'. I was an idiot and broke all links without thinking about it or warning anybody first.