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Saturday, May 25, 2013


On our trip up to Fort Worth, we stopped in a town called Alvarado so the kids and adults could stretch and get a break from the monotony of the car, and the gas station that we stopped at happened to be across the street from a house that had a horse grazing in the yard.  Seriously, on this trip, we saw a ton of horses.

Anyways, on our way across the street to see the "hosey", my wife snapped this picture of me repping the Padres as I crossed the street with Harper and Foster.

It's been so awesome and rewarding to see Harper learn to sit, crawl, stand, eat on her own, walk, and talk.  My heart still melts when I hear her say "daddy" and "I love you" (which still kinda sounds like "I nub you").  Those came with a lot of coaching.  The most recent additions to her vocabulary (un-coached, mind you): "Padres" and "baseball".

I nub her.

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  1. It's not always about the cards...very nice post.

    Let me know when they can say Blue Jays...