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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mini Report

As I mentioned previously, I had a job interview on Thursday up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  The Fort Worth area to be more precise.  Anyways, I have a pretty good feeling about how it went, but of course, the longer it takes to hear back from the school, the more I'm going to be second guessing myself.  Ah, the joys of job hunting.

Anyways, the day before the interview, I got this beauty in the mail, a steal off eBay for a whopping 77 cents!  I'm not a huge fan of the Bowman brand, but these minis are pretty sweet.  They have them for the top five prospects of each team, and while two of the top five Friars are on the shelf for the year due to surgery, I'll gladly take stud catching prospect Austin Hedges off somebody's hands for a few quarters.

Besides the interview, the highlight of the trip up to Fort Worth was being able to eat at In-N-Out.  Aside from really liking the principal and the school, a huge bonus to making the move up there would be being able to eat there whenever we wanted.

I don't know if I've ever written it before, but I know I've said it; when we moved to Texas, away from family and friends in San Diego, the biggest thing I missed was In-N-Out.  

I mean, c'mon, you can write, call, and Skype with people.  The only way to experience this deliciousness is in person.  Am I a bad person for saying that?  Whatever, it's true.  They've finally made their way out to the Lone Star State, but have only a few locations, and they're all in the DFW area.

I hope I get that job.

If I don't, I know I'll be okay.  I've already signed my contract for next year at the school I'm currently teaching at.  It's a good place to work, and everybody there knows me and likes me (well, for the most part, at least).  We don't plan on staying where we're at forever, though, so it'd be nice to get moving in the direction of where we'll be permanently settling.

To give myself something else to think about (that's the purpose of having hobbies, right?), I bought a rack pack of Bowman to do a post on, I'll post that tomorrow, probably.  Spoiler alert, I pulled a mini, but not a Padre, so if anybody's got any of the other four, let me know.


  1. Are you kidding me? For San Diego, there's no way of even comparing an In-N-Out burger with the masssive deliciousness of Hodad's. They are so awesome, they even have a Hodad's in the Gaslamp District AND at Petco.

    1. While there's no denying the awesomeness that IS Hodad's, living in North County, I rarely found myself near OB. Maybe once in a while to surf, but Pipes and Torrey Pines were good enough for me. INO is everywhere in SD, and the price and availability can't be beat. I've gone there for every conceivable event; first dates, after games, before proms, ditching school, graduations, to celebrate, to be depressed, to see old friends, and even the brief time between my wedding and the reception. My tastes have changed throughout my life; I will always love In-N-out.

      I'll havta check out the Petco Park location, though. Is the Rubio's still there?

    2. I think Rubio's is gone. However, there is an Anthony's Fish Grotto. I used to love eating there when it was on the East side of Harbor Drive, downtown.

  2. Oh, my god. I would go into diabetic shock if I tried to eat that. I have a feeling it would be worth it, though.

  3. You didn't get it animal-style?? :-)

  4. I can't see the In-N-Out Burger without thinking of The Big Lebowski.

  5. I miss my In-N-Out. Will be in California at the beginning of July and that will be one of my first stops!