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Friday, May 31, 2013

Matt Mieske, I Never Knew Ya

I received an envelope from Pat at Hot Corner Cards a while back.  Though he sent a trio of great cards, I already had two of them in my binders.  Don't worry, they'll be put to good use.  The one that I didn't have, however, was by far the oldest of the bunch, from way back in... 1991.

Matt Mieske was born in Pat's home state of Michigan.  He was drafted by the Padres in the 17th round of the '90 draft.  In his first two minor league seasons with the Friar organization, he hit .340 (low A Spokane) and .341 (high A High Desert).  Before he ever made it to the majors, the Padres included him in a trade in March of 1992 that brought a player named Gary Sheffield to San Diego.

I'm not aware of any other Matt Mieske cards that have him pictured in a Padre uniform.  Actually, from looking closer at this card, I'm not sure that I can really say that he's even "pictured" in a Padre uniform here.  Instead of airbrushing players into uniforms that they've never worn (as Bowman and many others are wont to do), this is appears to be a card that is 100% artwork, as evidenced by the picturesque seats in the background and the awkward looking "SD" on the cap.  This doesn't make me dislike the card; on the contrary, I like it even more.

Mieske ended his eight year career with a .262 batting average, 56 homers and 226 RBIs, none of which happened with the Padres.

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