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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fostering the Collection

After reading the many card blogs out there, I've become intrigued as to why collectors search out cards of specific players.  Some player collections are results of personal interactions.  Others have interesting names.  Still, others stem from unique stories or anecdotes about the player.  The list of reasons is endless, I suppose.

Being that my collection is made up primarily of Padres, the rare non-Padres that make it into a binder usually have a pretty good reason.  Well, I guess it's at least a good enough reason for me.

If you've been reading since the end of last year, you'll know that my son's name is Foster.  He's been a handful since he got here at the beginning of December, but he's able to sit on his own now and he's got his first teeth in, and he seems to be mellowing a bit.  While he was named for an ancestor of mine, I've been interested in acquiring baseball cards with his name on them.

This is half of my George Foster collection.  Both are from the end of his career, when he was with the Mets, and this one happened to be pulled from a repack box.  Gotta love the mustache-sideburns combo that are almosttouching.  '84 Donruss seems like it was a pretty decent set.  The other Foster I have is from the '83 Topps Traded set.

This is my most recent addition to my Foster collection, and is probably my favorite Foster card.  Roy Foster (he's a "Junior" according to his facsimile signature) was a rookie with the Tribe in 1970.  He received just one vote for the AL Rookie of the Year, coming in second to Thurman Munson, but The Sporting News chose him as their AL ROY.  His career was cut short due to injury, and his rookie season was the best of his three in the bigs.  Love the rookie cup on this card.

This was my first Foster card, a fitting Friar.  Alan Foster spent his last two seasons in the pros with the Padres, after spending time with the Dodgers, Indians, Angels, and Cardinals.  Gotta love the '77 set, the brown and yellow looks sharp.

Anyways, I realize that there are other guys named Foster that have played and have cards, and being a George Foster "collector" without having any cards from his Reds days is probably pretty weird.  So if anybody has any Fosters that need a good home, feel free to send 'em my way!

Oh, I've also mentioned before that my daughter's name is Harper, but I'm not going to drive myself crazy snatching up Harper cards, because the ones with "Bryce" as a first name will start getting out of hand.  There are some vintage cards of Tommy Harper that would be cool to pick up though, I guess.


  1. Don't forget about Brian Harper. Probably easier to find and cheaper.

    1. Yeah, I'm already a Brian Harper fan, the dude has a lot of cardboard rocking the catchers gear, so there's plenty to like.

  2. You must be pleased you didn't give your daughter the biblical name "Ruth"...