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Monday, May 6, 2013

First GQ of 2013

Okay, so last week, I posted a sweet looking, white-bordered Chase Headley card from this year's Gypsy Queen set.  Even though it made it onto the blog first, I actually received these cards from Zack, The Underdog Card Collector, before.  Technicalities, I know.

Anyways, Zack got in on a group break and wound up with a bunch of GQ Padre dupes.  I got the team set of the base cards, minus the Tony Gwynn, and most of the mini's.  Here they are, for your viewing pleasure...

Like I said, I'm missing the Gwynn base card, but here's the mini version.  It seems like they used a different picture of Tony for the regular base card, at least according to zistle.com.  The regular card is on the want list, along with the Goose Gossage card from this set.  How awesome is it that Goose made it on to the checklist?  Better than a new Ty Cobb card with the same old picture.  Anyways, I like this shot of Mr. Padre because of mid-90s uniform choice, but also because of the details in the helmet.  If you look closely, you can see the lights of Jack Murphy Stadium being reflected, which is pretty rad.

On to the base cards!  These were my two favorites, mostly due to the players portrayed.  Casey Kelly is another injury-prone prospect who won't be playing this year, but I got his autograph in spring training and he was a really nice guy.  I asked him how his arm was feeling at the time, and he said it was feeling good.  I guess he could've just been lying to my face, but I'll just assume that he was being overly optimistic.  Plus, I'm probably not the guy you give the scoop to on your medical issues.  This is also the year of the Chase Headley card, so I won't be turning any of those down.

Yonder Alonso is having a pretty good season for the Pads so far, leading the team in hits, homers, and RBI. After leading NL rookies in doubles, I figured he'd be leading the team in those as well, but that honor is shared by Nick Hundley and Jedd Gyorko.  Did not see that happening at all, but glad to see that Nick is rebounding after having a truly miserable season last year.  Speaking of truly miserable seasons, Clayton Richard is 0-4 with a 8.54 ERA in 6 games (26 innings) this season.  Hopefully he can turn it around quick, the Padres rotation has been pretty bad this year.

The last two cards of the set, of the mini variety because of how little they have contributed to the Padres this season.  Yasmani Grandal actually had a decent photo on the front, but since he tested positive for PEDs in the offseason, he is facing the corner in shame.  Like the card says, Grandal was "the man" last year, but I don't see the Padres giving the starting job to a cheater if Hundley keeps playing the way he has.  As much as the Padre fan in me says "whoever can help us win, let 'em play", I hope that Nick plays well enough to make Grandal expendable, though he's got (possibly?) a bunch of talent.  Oh yeah, and Volquez is as frustrating as any pitcher to watch.  One night, he'll throw a complete game one hitter, and the next start he'll show you the bad side of his 6.39 ERA.  Definitely a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of pitcher.

Overall, I'm not a big fan of this year's Gypsy Queen design, though I didn't particularly care for it last year, either.  The gray is boring.  The short prints aren't at the end of the checklist, like with other sets, which is annoying.  Some of the additions to the checklist are cool (John Kruk makes an appearance?), but I think there are more cons than pros to the base set.  Some of the parallels look good, though, like the different colored borders (blue and white for the base, green and black for the minis).  Glad to have the Padres though, because I know that with my luck, I'd never pull any of them out of packs.

So far this year, I've been able to abstain from ripping any GQ packs (one that I made for a few reasons - money being chief among them), and it's due in large part to great fellow bloggers and friends like Zack.  Thanks a lot buddy!

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  1. I did see that Goose made it to the list this year. However, I didn't notice the lights from The Murph on Gwynn's helmet! That's a subtle, tech and crucial observation. Damn, you're good, Marcus.

    I didn't remember you were at Spring Training. Did you get many autographs while you were there? Next year is my year to go!

    Hilarious Grandal positioning.

    I love the synchronicities that abound here, in the blogosphere...

    Great post, dude! It's nice to see these up 'round The Backstop zone.

    Miami for the next three. Here's to making up some ground!