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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Diary

When I was a kid, my mom had us keep diaries journals.  Every Sunday after church, we'd all bust out our composition notebooks and write down what happened that week.  Reading journal entries of ancestors from the early days of our country has helped to grow my appreciation of leaving behind a record, but it also shows me where my priorities were as a kid.

Pretty much every entry was a sports report.  I remember saying that I needed the sports page to write in my journal, so I could say how many points Tony Gwynn was ahead in the Batting Title or how many games the Padres had lost.  Would've been nice to actually remember some events from my eight year old life, but hey, it probably wasn't that interesting.  I read a lot of books and played a lot of sports.  I rode my bike, collected baseball cards, and was really into the Top Gun soundtrack.

Anyways, here's a few snippets of my day yesterday that will serve as a slightly more in-depth look at my life.  Don't worry though, there's still baseball cards mixed in

After the bell rings and I walk my 5th graders outside into the probably-mid-50-degree weather, I regret leaving my sweatshirt somewhere on the playground a few weeks ago and never trying to look for it.  It's a man's sweatshirt on an elementary school campus, how many people could it possibly belong to?  Doesn't everybody realize that it's probably one of the six adult men who work there?  Plus, I'm probably the only one stylish enough to pull of the $12 Walmart look anyways.

I get back to my room and start picking up before I realize that the Padres are playing the Cubs and that there's a chance that it's a day game that I could probably watch.  Too late - game's over.  Still, hard to be bummed about a Padres come-from-behind win after they batted around in the top of the 8th.

After checking the box score and looking for deets, I'm back to work, trying to figure out how to plan my reading lesson that will be observed by my principal.  Not super nervous, but it's been a rough year "standardized testing" wise for my class, so it'd be nice to have a positive conversation with him instead of... a negative one.

My wife calls and tells me about a recent craigslist find for a Radio Flyer wagon that selling used for $10, apparently a tenth of the original purchase price.  The gal knows how to spot a deal.  Since I have the car that is capable of carrying such an object, I tell her that I'll go get it when I get a break from work.  This leads to running more errands and the next thing I know, I'm near a Target.  I park and stroll down the card aisle to pick up some pages.  Also some socks, since I haven't had a matching pair for the last three weeks or so.  I don't mind mismatching my socks, but I really need to just toss 'em all and buy the exact same kind so I'm not always searching for these rogue socks with no partner.

Of course, to willingly go into the mouth of the beast and think that you can leave unscathed is just foolish.  So, I bite on a Fairfield repack, nothing too pricey (sorry Gypsy Queen) and nothing that I don't already have a bunch of (sorry Heritage).  For whatever reason, the repacks that I've gotten from Target have been way better than the repacks I've gotten from Walgreens.

Today was not the case.  Only three that made it into the binders, with some okay pieces of trade fodder, but nothing spectacular.  Only decided to post the top three cards.  # 3 was the Murphy/Dykstra combo card, and the new Erstad (above) was the runner up.  I also scored an oddball Tony Gwynn that I already had, and another decent looking Dave Winfield oddball, but it didn't make the cut.

Favorite card award goes to...

Didn't photo particularly well in the car, and the Gossage is in his Yankee garb, so it's not a perfect card, but still binder-worthy.  I wonder if my love of Goose is related to my love of Top Gun?  Hmmm...

On the way home from Target, I'm switching back and forth between the Astros and Rangers games on the radio.  Neither is coming in particularly well, as per usual.  I prefer the Rangers announcers to the Astros, very detailed and fun to listen to.  The Astros aren't too shabby either, but Milo Hamilton doesn't seem to be doing much game calling anymore, and he reminded me a lot of Jerry Coleman, my beloved voice of the Padres for so many years.

While grabbing a quick bite to eat and scarfing down food as I race through traffic, I go from hearing the dulcet tones of Matt McConaughey pitch a Ian Kinsler-themed giveaway for the Rangers, to hearing the starting lineup for the Astros.  I'm not gonna lie, until they got to Jose Altuve's name, I was wondering if it was a college baseball game that I was listening to.  I wonder if that's what people think when they listen to their team play against the Padres?

Oh, why am I weaving back and forth in traffic?  Just trying to get back to work.  Still got stuff to do for tomorrow, since I've had morning duty this week and haven't been able to organize stuff in the morning like I usually do.  As I'm driving, I take a break from Texas baseball and put my iPod on shuffle.  "Megan" by the Smoking Popes came on, which was great.  Great song about a girl, which makes me think of my great wife who I wish I was home with, instead of going back to school.

After finally getting everything ready to go at school, I have a big stack of crap that's been sitting in my room, unused, for about two years now.  Stuff I inherited from the room's previous tenant.  I figure that it's garbage, so I put it on a rolling card and (try) to wheel it outside towards the dumpster.  about two and a half steps out the door, a gust of wind is waiting for me and a bunch of papers go flying in the wind.  Looking like an idiot, I walk around with my hands full and pick up each piece.  If the security camera footage becomes public, I'll probably be embarrassed.

Getting a call from my wife as I'm gearing up to go informs me that our two year old daughter is responsible for the inch of standing water in our bathroom.  She normally does really well in the bath, but for whatever reason, she thought it'd be fun to dump the water out while her mom was feeding her little brother.  Kids just don't care.  I swing by the local H.E.B. (Texas grocery store, which I love) to pick up some bread and a few other staples, but stay in my car long enough to hear Addison Reed of the White Sox strike out three hitters in the 9th to nail down the 3-1 victory over the Rangers.  Tried to catch the Stros game, but the station broadcasts out of Austin, and the later it gets, the worse the signal becomes, so no chance of listening to that one.  Turns out they lost to Detroit in 14 innings.

Groceries in hand, I trudge to the front door at 10:15 pm, organize a few things at home and kiss my wife goodnight.  Toss all of the sopping wet towels into the washing machine (water is heavy!) and sit down to finish up my lesson plans.  And write this.

Oh, how could I forget...

Say hello to our class pet.  One of the first grade teachers found him/her during recess and was too grossed out by it to keep it in her room.  My kids are stoked, and he has been named "Digger".  We're not sure, but he looks like a rhino beetle larva.  If it's true, they are apparently native to southern TX, but we are definitely central, so it's a little out of place here.  They also take 12-18 months to go from larva to pupa to adult (that's complete metamorphosis, bro), so not sure what the plans will be if we're able to keep it alive past June 6th.  My kids keep trying to pet it, but I don't think that Digger appreciates it.

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  1. Helluva post, Marcus!

    From groceries to "Digger." Yes!

    "I wonder if my love of Goose is related to my love of Top Gun?" Dude! Where's the question? ; ) Yeah, that's a sweet Goose. Never seen it before. There are some Rollie Fingers' I've been contemplating adding to the want list. They're in A's uniforms and, tho I thought I'd care about...not so much.

    By the way, your "Digger" is nasty. Reminds me of the thing Khan puts in Chekov and Terrell's ear to get them to talk.


    Get that thing out of your classroom!