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Friday, May 10, 2013

Belated Birthday Wishes!

So, yesterday was Tony Gwynn's birthday.  The man who has done more for the team that I love than any other player.  And I forgot his birthday.

I actually don't really care.  If I was to count the number of birthdays that I know on my digits, I don't think I'd have to take my shoes off.

Let's see:
  • My wife (although it's usually the last week of the school year, so I've forgotten it before in the chaos of getting grades finished and classrooms cleared out).
  • My kids (easier to remember when you were actually there for the first birthday).
  • Two out of my six siblings (Tyler and Charlotte - sorry Laura, Sam, Hannah, and Ammon, but Char's is a holiday and I learned Tyler's when I was little, since he's the closest to me.  I know that Ammon's is some kind of minor holiday and that Hannah's is near Halloween.  Laura's is in the spring and I have no idea when Sam's is.)
  • I had a buddy in middle school named Logan who was born on Flag Day.  For some reason, even though I haven't seen him for since middle school, I haven't been able to forget that.

That's it.  I'm able to memorize the names and faces of 18 or so kids that I've never seen before on the first day of school, but there are only six people who I personally know who's birthday's I've remembered.  No parents or grandparents, no aunts or uncles, and not even my own siblings.

I realize this is pathetic.  I'm not bragging about it.

Still, sending out "belated birthday" wishes shows that you care, right?  It means that you're not shying away and saying "Hmm, I dunno, the card must've got lost in the mail" or "Yeah, I couldn't get through, your phone was always busy."  I've become the master of the day-after-your-birthday phone call, so here's the day-after-your-birthday blog post, Tony

Here's a card that came from the author of Brad's Blog, whatever his name is.  He's a great trading partner and sent this surprise to me in exchange for a Ryan Howard chrome card from this year's Heritage.  Can't help but feel like this was a little lopsided in my favor, but I'm not complaining.

Given that this is a Panini card, and is unlicensed by MLB, there are no Padres logo adorning this card, but it is a jersey relic card, and is numbered to 99, which is cool.  Haven't got any cards from this set yet, so that's always a plus.

This is my third Tony Gwynn relic card, all jersey swatches.

Anyways, I don't have much more to add to the blog posts that I read yesterday here and here.  I will reiterate that no Padre has done or will ever do as much for the team as Tony has done.  San Diegans and Padre fans are fortunate to have such a quality player and human being be so closely associated with the team and the city.

Five Gold Gloves?  Not too shabby.
Seven Silver Slugger Awards?  Hard to beat.
Fifteen time All-Star?  Not many of those.
Eight time Batting Champion?  Only one person has more.

The most impressive and important number, in my opinion?

20 years - 1 team.

Thanks for being awesome, Tony.


  1. I'm pretty much the same way when it comes to birthdays although of my five (known) siblings I know three of them. One of those I only know because it's on tax day and another only because I got married on her birthday without knowing it was. I think I should get a pass on my older brother's though since neither of us knew the other one existed until a couple years ago...

    And "whatever his name is" made me laugh.

  2. Hilarious!! Laura's is in the summer, in July. There are three bdays in July, Laura-7/17, Ammon's 7/24, Pioneer Day( 7/24, that is SUPER easy to remember). The kid grew-up thinking everyone was celebrating HIS bday. And, ah, mine, 7/28. Sam and Hannah. Sam 3/16, day before St. Patrick's Day. I think Hannah's is the hardest, 10/16. Got nothin' for that one.

    So far, you children are co-operating with birth dates. Harper was born two days before Dad's, and Foster was born the day before Pearl Harbor. Don't ask me how, but that is how I remember.

  3. Dang!! Charlotte just corrected me, Hannah's is 10/17.

  4. Glad you like the card! It fit more into your collection then into mine!