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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Attack of the 90s!

I recently received my end of a trade from Bert over at Swing and a Pop Up.  Dude writes a great card blog, good variety, plenty for everyone to enjoy.  Unlike my blog, which is primarily used to showcase Padre cards.

He sent me a good variety of Friar cardboard, including recent stuff and a few vintage-y cards.  Most of the good stuff, though, for me, was from the 90s.  None of that "junk wax" business, no, this was the "good stuff", as evidenced by the Wiki Gonzalez card above (hey, I'm being serious, the man's about to get trampled at the plate!) EDIT:  I realize that the above card is actually from the early '00s, but that's close enough to the 90s for me.

Flair always seemed like a set that took itself a little too seriously.  Still, these cards look super nice, and Benes and McGriff are two of my all time favorite Friars.  Something about the way the Benes images come together makes him look like a Siamese twin (is that PC to say?).

Ahh, there was once a time when there were multiple Padres who would be among the league leaders in offensive categories.  To be honest, Sheff and the Crime Dog didn't lead the league in slugging percentage in '92 - that title belonged to Barry Bonds.  Still, Sheff came in 2nd with McGriff right behind him.  In '92, Sheffield would become the only player not named Gwynn to win a batting title while with the Padres.

What is the deal with Ryan Klesko's bat?  I'm assuming it's some sort of warm up device, or some corked bat gone wrong.  Either way, it makes for an interesting baseball card.  Oh, and just in case the nationality of Fernando Valenzuela was ever in question, Collector's Choice puts it to rest.

Sometimes I am always selective about the Padre cards that make it into the "Miscellaneous Padres" binder.  It's full to the brim right now, and yesterday I cleaned out a few that I decided "didn't make the cut".  There are some players that aren't included in my "Player Collections" binder that still make it into the "Misc" binder every time.  Fernando is one of them.  So is Rickey.  I really like '96 Fleer, when it went away from the trend of "it has to be shiny and glossy" to moving towards a thinner stock with a textured front.  I wonder who Rickey is calling.  Probably Rickey.

Here were a few additions to the aforementioned PC binder.  Hadn't seen the Finley before, but it isn't the first time he's been shown intensely chewing some Double Bubble.

 A break from the slew of 90s cards.  Man, these Khalil Greene cards turned out kinda blurry.  Still, no denying how awesome Khalil Greene cards are.

Last but not least, a trio of 1993 Topps Gold.  I've been thinking about going after the team set of '93 Topps, but I wasn't sure if it was a set that I "loved".  Well, seeing these three Gold cards has me wanting the parallel set, which would be cool.  I think these are my only three, though I'll have to dig to verify that.  Something new to add to the want list!

Thanks a lot Bret!  Hopefully I'll have a stack of Red Sox on the way to you over the weekend!  Six days of school left (I know it's unrelated to this trade, I just feel like celebrating)!


  1. Great lot of cards! I dig the Fernando UD Choice and the Klesko "prop" card. Very cool!