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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome Back, Kyle!

The Padres won just their third game last night, and their second of the season against the Dodgers.  I'm killing myself staying up to watch these games (since west coast night games start at 7:05, which is two hours later in Texas), but when the Padres are winning, I can't look away.  Hasn't been happening very often, though.

Since the offense has been sputtering and the Padres only real "slugger" is serving an eight game suspension, they decided to call up Kyle Blanks from AAA Tucson... and slide him into the clean up spot in the lineup.  I like Kyle a lot, and hopefully he can continue with the success he had in spring training and and the first few weeks of the minor league season.  Still, it's pretty telling that our cleanup guy was playing against the Salt Lake City Bees at the beginning of the month.

Oh well.

The dude did alright in his season debut, hitting 1 for 4 with a single and a sacrifice fly to score the last run of the 6-3 Padres victory in the ninth inning last night.

Still, the biggest props go to Eric Stults, who has won 2/3 of the Padres games this year.  He pitched well, and at least got them out of the sixth inning, which the majority of starting pitchers have been unable to do so far this year.  Not only that, he knocked his first home run of his major league career in the second inning, a three run jack to center.

Hopefully the Padres can turn this into a habit.


  1. Right on. Blanks big hair cards look so good.

    Definitely, Stults was the man last night.

    Let's get after another one, tonight!

  2. I was wondering what happened to Blanks. He was ostensibly the star of the Portland Beavers (RIP) for a spell and was supposed to be on his way to big things. Well, he'll always be big, so at least he has that going for him.