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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Chase Is On!

Well, the Padres notched their first sweep of the season, made even sweeter by the fact that it came at the hands of the Dodgers in Chavez Ravine, the first time it's happened since 2006.  The Pads are now only five games below .500, with a 5-10 record.  Only.

The big news, however, was that Gold Glove - Silver Slugger - GIBBY Award Winner - League RBI Leader was back in the lineup for the Friars.  In his 2013 debut, Chase Headley, recovering from a fractured tip of his thumb, went 1 for 4 with a single, and RBI, a srikeout, and a walk.  Nothing too exciting, but awesome to see him swinging again.

If you're a fan of a small market team like I am, you are probably used to not having many stars on your team.  If you're used having your "stars" ignored by the Topps/other companies, than I feel your pain.  That's why, since there are quite a few different variations of Chase Headley's 2013 Heritage card, I was curious to see how many I'd be able to track down.  Here's what I have so far...

Purple Chrome, regular Chrome, and Black and Red Borders.  All pretty cool, no doubt.  I also just bought the "regular" version of the card on eBay, which set me back a whopping 80 cents.  I feel like I'm finding even more variations every week, but so far, I'm counting ten eleven twelve, I think.

This was the one I was most excited about.  This is the mini card, which is hand numbered to 100.  Only set me back about six bucks, shipped, and the rest were fractions of that price.  As far as I can tell, the ones that I don't have are the "refractor" (although a fellow blogger has one that I emailed him about last night), the Venezuelan back (black background instead of orange on the back), Black Chrome, Black Chrome Refractor, and the Color Variation.  I just found out about the Black Chrome and Black Refractor last night, but have never seen any Headley versions of the card.

Just for fun, here's a look at what I can only imagine are at least most of the other cards that I have of Chase, all the ones that came out prior to 2013.

I have his Heritage rookie card, but not his Topps rookie card.  Hmm...
Chase has a wide variety of uniforms on in these shots; white tops, blue tops, digital camo, seventies throwbacks... not too shabby.

By the way, saw the video of Chase receiving his three awards (Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, and GIBBY), and was surprised to see that none other than former Padres Silver Slugger winner and former Rookie of the Year Benito Santiago was the presenter.  Had to take a screen shot of that.

Starting off the season 2-10 was pretty gruesome.  The Dodger's aren't clicking right now, so we got them at a good time - I doubt that Clayton Kershaw will have many games where he gives up three home runs this season, let alone his entire career (still, props to Kyle Blanks, Chris Denorfia, and Everth Cabrera for making it happen).  As they were gearing up for the game today, this scene from Major League popped into my mind.  I wonder if Buddy Black is this enthusiastic about motivating the Padres on to victory...

"I've got a feeling things are about to turn around for us..."

Getting Chase back into the lineup?  Yeah, the Padres are excited about that.
Me too.


  1. I would be willing to bet things will turn around also. Simply because you don't have to play the juggernaut that is my Rockies for a while. Hee Hee

  2. Alright, Backstop, I take this post kinda personally. I post my way-too-thin Headley cards, and you "share" a pile of loot such as this?! Fine. I can take it, Headley ultra-super-duper-collector. ; )

    What a phenomenal lot of cards! That regular chrome and red border Heritage's are smoking! Naturally, the distraction is the "88/100." Is that your gem of this PC?

    Last night watching game three of the series I was finishing up putting the massive amount of cards you sent me in penny sleeves. Thank you, again. I promise you a post (or more) soon!

    ...point being: I found two more Headley's for my collection from you, thanks!

  3. There is a GOLD refractor, but good luck finding that one. #'ed to 5.