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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bigger Man

A few days ago, I received a bubble mailer with a New York return address.  Upon further inspection, I was surprised to see that the package came from the blogosphere's favorite newspaper editor, Night Owl.  Why was I surprised?  Well, I may have been a little more opinionated in a recent post on the Dodgers/Padres bench clearing incident than I normally am on this blog, and I can see how it might've rubbed him (and any other Dodger fans out there) the wrong way.

Hopefully this cardboard olive branch is a sign that fences are mended and there are no hard feelings between fans.  After all, I wouldn't have charged the mound.

Enough of that crap, lets look at some cards.  We'll start off with a classic...

A miniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  This is my first '75 Topps mini, and who better to get it from, than the king of minis?  There is a lot to like about this card, from the grandstands in the background, the clear skies, and the brown and yellowy goodness of the '70s uniforms.  I suppose I could also make a smart aleck comment about Enzo wearing a brown windbreaker underneath his uniform.  Instead, I'll just go ahead and say that getting a '75 Topps mini from Night Owl is pretty much the cardboard equivalent of getting a high five from Top Gun-era Tom Cruise.

Sand volleyball and jeans sounds like a pairing made only in Hollywood.  Bummed that they scrapped the idea for "Top Gun 2", but now maybe those big shot movie producers can turn their attention to getting "Bill & Ted 3" green lighted.

As long as we're looking at cards with the 1975 design, how about this sweet looking card from 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites?  There is so much that is right about this card that I don't even know where to begin.  I'll to make this card even better, I'll go ahead and contrast it with everybody's favorite BBQ'er in a different Padre uniform...

Ouch!  Randall Leo took a break from the concession area and joined the Padres during Spring Training as an advisor of some sort.  I'm pretty sure he's not suiting up now that the season is in full swing, but I think we can agree that the brown and gold suits Dr. Jones best.

I found this thanks to Google Images, this comes courtesy of rjsfro.com, a Padres blog/site that I've perused here and there.  Latos, now a Redleg, is 0-0 this season with a 2.73 ERA in 26.1 innings, giving up 26 hits, but still notching 29 K's.  Not too shabby, Cincinnati is looking pretty tough.

I remember as a kid getting a shirt from a parade (?) that said "Say Yes To The 90s and No To Drugs". While I haven't always been a fan of all early 90s cards, these two are alright in my book.  The Fernandez is from the Traded set, and it's one that I've never seen, while Score keeps it casual with Thomas Howard, a "Future Star".

Mom, if you're reading this (she's commented a few times, so I know she looks at this once in a while), do you remember that shirt?  Know where it is?  I've mentioned it to a few others and they don't believe that such a shirt exists.

BTW, another Google Image search for "Say yes to the 90s and no to drugs" gives us these two gems...

Here's a sentiment I can really support!

I'm pretty sure that the Ninja Turtle bed sheets that I got 20+ years ago are still floating around my parents' house somewhere.  I remember using them in high school a handful of times.  Yes, I was that cool.

Reader:  Okay man, seriously, stop with the random images and get back to pictures of dudes!

Me:  Uh, there's probably a better way to say that, but you're right, let's wrap this up.

I usually don't care for "League Leaders" cards, which is petty of me, because the reason is that the Padres are rarely represented (though that is due to years of futility, not the fault of any card manufacturers).  But luckily, Mr. Perry had a pretty great season in '78, so the brown 'n gold make the cut!  I like this one, even though the dude is looking pretty gray.

Here's the note that the Owl left.  My post on Quentin v. Greinke was a few days after the fact, so I'll assume that he probably didn't read my CQ ramblings and then send the cards, so he might still be sore at me.  Actually, I suppose I'm probably flattering myself if I'm thinking that anything that I do affects him in even the slightest way.  Either way, hopefully a PWE coming his way will make him a little less ill.

Thanks again Night Owl.  Class all the way.


  1. I never cared much for League Leader cards much when I was a kid collector but now I look at stuff like the NL Pitching Leader card with Koufax and Gibson and Perry and Marichal and say 'cool!"

  2. So much that is phenomenal here!
    That's cool Night Owl reached out, across the aisle.
    When you're a newbie like me, you get to say things that you seasoned collectors get to roll your eyes at, like, "I've never even held a '75 mini." True. I know it's a jacket, but Enzo looks like he's wearing plastics to get his game-time water-weight down.
    The '04 Jones looks a lot like what would've been included in the Archives set. I like it.
    And that Latos photo...almost got the coffee to exit through the nose, thanks.
    We differ on the League Leaders cards, however, Marcus. I love those few the Padres-at-one-time are on! Fingers! The Goose! Even though my favorite is the Gossage/Fingers in their NY and MIL get-ups, I don't mind.