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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Straight Cash, Homey

Last night, the Padres eked out a 2-1 win over the Giants at Petco Park behind the stellar pitching of Andrew Cashner.  Dude has shown brilliance at times, but hasn't been as consistent as he needs to be to stay in the starting rotation.  He's got a rocket for an arm though, one of the main reasons that the Padres picked him up from the Cubs in exchange for Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo has some monster power numbers this year (his 8 homers and 18 RBIs so far is about as much as the whole Padre team have combined), but is currently hitting for a Mendoza Line average, so... it makes me feel a little less worse about the Pads shipping him off.

Anyways, Cashner was the big reason that the Padres won, tossing six innings of five hit ball, allowing one run and notching five Ks, and lowering his ERA to 3.26.  He also scored the tying run after getting a lead off single off Tim Lincecum in the third and stealing second.  Huston Street came in for the save in the ninth and got the final out with runners on first and third.  Street's given up 11 hits in 8 innings this year, way too high for a closer.  Still, he's 4 for 4 in save opportunities, so he hasn't negatively affected the Padres in the win column yet.

Anyways, this will also serve as a trade post for some cards I got from Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter.  This is my first card from Cashner's day as a TCU Horned Frog.  This card is super shiny and numbered to 1500, if you're into that kinda thing.  Andrew Walker, who gets bottom billing in this one, was drafted in the 5th round of the 2007 draft by the Pirates and had a minor league career batting average of .246 before his last season in 2010.

Kyle Blanks made his first appearance since crashing into a wall at AT&T Park.  He needed some stitches to sew up his eyelid, but hopefully he'll get back on the field getting some regular playing time. With Carlos Quentin back from his suspension (and hitting .364 with a homer and 3 RBIs in three games), he doesn't have much of a spot in the outfield, but I'd like to see if he could play in right and take Will Venable's spot, and move Chris Denorfia to center full time.

Is there a sale of these going on somewhere?  I got a Trey Beamon autograph from this same set a few trade posts ago, and now I have this sweet looking one of Andy Ashby.  I like the signature.  Ashby was a great Padre, going 70-62 with a 3.59 ERA in 8 seasons.  He was on the '96 division championship team and the '98 pennant winning team.  I saw him on TV when the Pads last played in Colorado, since he was on the inaugural Rockies team in '93, after being plucked from the Phillies in the Expansion Draft.

When I originally drafted this post, I put the cards in the reverse order (i.e. I had the Cashner card last and this Maybin card first).  Since the Padres won the game last night, I decided to flip the script.  I had only seen pictures of these Panini Prizm cards, but now I can say that I have one in my binders.  Maybin has been struggling mightily this year, and finally got placed on the DL for wrist issues.  Watching him hit .090 in 33 at bats was enough to put my eyeballs on the DL.  He did only have 5 strikeouts, so hopefully he can get healthy and get right.

Anyways, despite Maybin's struggles, these Prizm cards look better in hand than I thought they would, so it's cool to have one.

Padres try to get a streak going tonight, hopefully they can make it three wins in a row.

Thanks a lot Spiegel!  Three days, three great trade posts from great Dodger fans and bloggers.

BTW, title of the post (aside from referencing Andrew Cashner) comes from a Randy Moss quote, asking how he was going to pay a fine for pretending to moon some Packers fans during a game in the playoffs - not with a check.


  1. Glad that you can enjoy some of the cards that I sent your way. The Prizm cards are pretty cool. I picked up a few packs to try them out and hope to get some of the Team USA insert cards. If only Panini had the MLB logos and the set would be one of the best of the year.

  2. No trade backs on Rizzo, despite the Batting Average!

    Also, came across this article AFTER reading this post this morning. Someone stole your pun!


    1. I still think the Cubbies made out like bandits in that trade, I don't know WHAT the Padres were thinking.

      Thanks for the heads up on the Yahoo article! I guess I'm more influential than I thought!