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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plain Gray Awesome

Here is a gray-themed post, based on some cards from Roy at Plain Gray Swatch.

Google search suggestions for "gray is..."
* Gray is my favorite color
* Gray is the new black
* Gray is not a color
* Gray is grey

If you type in "Gypsy Queen gray" into Google, the first suggestion is Roy's 2012 Gypsy Queen want list.  I half expected it to be a blog rant on how dissatisfied they are with the gray borders of this year's GQ set.  Here is a card that is not gray, but has a white border that looks pretty awesome.  If you haven't seen one of these in hand, the lettering and border look gray, but they're actually a silver foil.

Headley started the year on the DL, but after a few slow games is hitting .250 with a few home runs.  Hopefully he can get really going and show what he showed at the end of last season.  I keep seeing the All-Star ballot on the Padres website and I don't know who's going to get the nod from San Diego if it's not Chase.  Actually, right now their best player is Chris Denorfia, and he's not even on the ballot.  Great.

Here is a card that I thought was just awesome.  Goofy sideburns and all, Ryan Klesko looks like he's... charging out from behind a... ivy colored brick wall... behind a neon blue sky with just a hint of gray clouds.  Actually, the blue is a plasticy kind of material (I could look it up, probably, but the "Invincible" brand is a pretty confusing one), and if you notice on the left front "wall", there is a serial number of 256/299 on the front.  I kinda like that.  I also like the Spanish on the back of the card, and the fact that you see a reverse of the front, minus the lettering on the jersey or helmet.

Mark Kotsay is becoming one of my favorite Friars.  I need to finally finish the post I started about my trip to Spring Training, because Mark was pretty funny to listen to.  Anyways, I much prefer the current military tribute uniforms that have the digital camo print to the ones from 2002.  Of these two cards, I'd say that the one with the gray jersey is the better looking one.

 Here are a few portraits of some of the best Padres pitchers to ever don the uniform.  I'd like to say that these just looked dark in the picture, but they're pretty dark in hand as well.  Still, the Turkey Red cards are pretty fancy and always welcome in trade packages.

Here is a Finley sandwiched between two Gwynns.  A pretty good shot of Fins, even if it's, like, a negative action shot.  I've kinda ripped on the current Padres uniforms for being boring, but the unis that Tony's got on are probably even worse in my book.  I mean, I like the orange and white interlocking "SD", but the jerseys are just dull.  No gray area there, just dull.

While the first Headley was the surprise of the package, this was the prize of the whole thing... 

I'm now up to eight different versions of Chase Headley's 2013 Heritage card.  There are still a few left, out there, but they're getting rarer and more expensive on eBay, so if I can acquire one more through a trade or online, I'm going to call it good.  It already seems a little ridiculous to me to have a page of cards that are only slightly different, but I figure it'd be fun to do at least once, if it's affordable.

In case you weren't aware, the "REFRACTOR" parallels look very similar to the "chrome" ones, but are only numbered to 564 instead of 999 and they've got a slightly different kind of shine.  Very technical terms, I know.

Anyways, these brightened up a very gray day in central Texas.  Overcast and the threat of rain, but none fell and it was actually pretty humid.  I don't really mind these days, actually, but getting cards in the mail can brighten up sunny days just as much as gray days.  Thanks a lot, Roy, these are great!

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  1. No problem. Glad they can be appreciated. The Headley refractor was a beaut.