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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Seen These Before

A while back, Jeff from Fan-Attic Sports Cards sent me an email with an offer of free Padre cards, no strings attached.  Well, my momma didn't raise no fool, so I took him up on his gracious offer and here are the contents of the plain white envelope that arrived shortly thereafter...

For this Padre fan, once you are a Padre, you become a Padre for life.  Just in my head of course.  Joe Carter is probably the exception to the rule, since in my head he will always be a Blue Jay.  Tony Gwynn, however, will definitely always be a Padre.  Dude could probably walk up to the plate tomorrow and knock a few back up the middle; but would probably still be thrown out at first.

However, a Hall of Famer and World Series hero weren't the highlights...

Cards of the Famous San Diego Chicken!?  Who knew?

So which of these is the superior Chicken card?  I gotta say that I dig the Chicken logo on the right one, but the lack of a border makes it seem more like a postcard than a baseball card.  The one on the left has a border, but it's from '83 Donruss, which isn't much to look at.  I suppose the one on the right almost qualifies as an "action shot", but really, dropping to a knee on an infield grounder?  That's bush league, I tell ya!  But is it more bush league than taking pictures in front of empty bleachers?  So many thoughts.

According to the backs, they were both printed in 1983.  Here they are, I'll make 'em big so you can see...

Clever pun with wanting to get enshrined in "COOPerstown", and mentions that now that he's adopting the new nickname of "The Famous Chicken", he will personally autograph all cards sent to him.  And he was "hatched" April 9th, 1974, making him 39 in a few days!

The Chicken must've lost a few lb's for this one, since he is now five pounds lighter, according to his bio.  This one is puns galore: "at the beak of his career", "his favorite level is Grade AAA", "Signed as a free agent by Atlanta... but chickened out to be a Brave", "known as a Cock-a-Doodle Yankee".  Oh man.  Still, the fact that it mentions "baseball heroes" like Ducky Medwick, Goose Gossage, and Doug Bird gives this back a nod over the first one.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

Anyways, here's the last card he sent.  I already showed this one a week or so ago, but I'll show the back.  I erroneously stated that the card showed Tony Gwynn wearing Reggie Sander's jersey during a spring training game, but the jersey really belonged to...

pitcher Scott Sanders.  See, it even says so on the back, no research required.

No puns on the back though, which is a little disappointing.

Thanks again for the cards, Jeff!


  1. The green back is from 1984 Donruss. Weird that its printed in 1983. Guess they were getting them out early.

  2. Love the San Diego Chicken cards! I don't think I'd ever seen those before.

  3. The chicken card on the left is the one you can purchase and he'll sign for you. My wife and I saw him this past year at an Iowa Cub game. My wife brought the stuff Chicken doll we got in 1979 in San Diego and Gianoulis was very surprised to see it. My wife even got a "peck" from those chicken lips. I'll have to post it on my blog sometime.

  4. I haven't seen any of those before, either! All are must have gems, so congrats on these pick-ups!

    I have a Chicken mascot card, but I believe mine is an '82 release.

    So good.