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Friday, April 26, 2013

Great Cards from GCRL

Man, trade posts out the ears lately.  Just one more after this one... unless I get home from work today and find that I've got mail.  Not that it'd be a bad thing, getting wanted cardboard is always a good way to end your work day.  But there are so many things besides trades to post about.  I mean, didn't you hear that the Padres won their sixth game?  Of the season?  And we're almost in May?  Someones gotta report this kinda stuff!

Speaking of the Padres winning and the Dodgers (oh, these cards came via Dodger fan and overall great blogger GCRL), I'm borrowing stealing an idea from another blogger, Night Owl.  On his sidebar, he's got a running tally of the "Dodgers of the Game".  I wanted to do something like this last year, but never got around to it, since I didn't start my blog until after the season had already started.  Well, since I've been watching and running this since Day 1 this year, I decided to post it up.  Like Night Owl, I'm only doing it for games that the Padres win, so while I might not update my list as much as he updates his, I think it'll be cool to see which players rack up the most "game balls".

Anyways, on to the sweet cardboard sent to me from the Wolverine State...

A Dodgers card?  Of Brett Butler?  Why in the world would I want - Oh.
Look at that.
Brett Butler is sliding into third base at Jack Murphy Stadium (just look at the palm tree above the "364" sign) and none other than Archi Cianfrocco is manning the hot corner.  Jim always seems to find ways to slip these "lurkers" into trade packages.  Good eye, man.  I guess you tend to notice when the back of the guy's jersey has a ten letter last name that reads like an eye-chart.

Here are some great cards for the player collection binder.  The Khalil Greene card features the box score of a game where he hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning.  That seems like it'd be pretty cool to do.  Like the serial number on the front as well.  This Steve Finley is also a "dated card", as it shows the day of the game just above his name (6/7/96).  Hmmm... according to the pretty reliable baseball-reference.com, the Padres lost at home to the Pirates on 6/7/96, but the pitcher here appears to be a Giant... very curious...

Darin Erstad rules.

These cards pretty much finished up my Padres Heritage set for the year.  For some reason, when I first looked at the checklist online, I thought "wow, there's a lot of Padres on it this year".  But looking at it now, while it's more than last year, it's not really "a lot".  I wish they added a few more guys, namely Chris Denorfia.  Would've been cool to see Jedd Gyorko, Kyle Blanks, and Brad Brach as well, but they're kind of "fringe guys", so not a real shocker that they missed the cut.  Apparently, Braun and Soriano were good enough to get a new picture to use for the "RBI Leaders" card, but they stuck Chase with the same shot they used for his solo card.  Weak.

This marks the second time that Jim has hooked me up with an addition to my "kids on cardboard" collection.  HoJo had some cool cardboard in the 90s, but this is currently my only card of him in a binder.  I'll assume that it's his kid, though the child doesn't appear to be half wolf/half man.  I have no idea who Jason Thompson is, but apparently the Memphis Chicks were once a minor league affiliate for the Pads from '95 to '96.  "Chicks" is apparently short for "Chickasaws" (the indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands).  Chicks, man.

As per usual, a great selection of cards from GCRL.  Thanks a lot man.


  1. Agreed, great eye on the Archi cameo.

  2. Also, hilarious sentence speculating as to the lineage of the kid Howard Johnson is holding.

    ...and I will always remember Jason Thompson as being "the other guy" with a surfboard cardfront, beside Tim Flannery and Ryan Klesko. That reminds me, I should do a post about that card.