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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Because

Things have been crazy at school the past few days.  Our students' state test results came in, so we've been busy planning and dealing with the fallout.  Some passed, some didn't.  Our team was able to up the percentage that passed (as compared to last year) by a pretty sizable percentage, but the overall rate was far from excellent.  Anyways, suffice it to say that school is keeping my hands full, and when I get home, the kids take on that responsibility - last night I put together a bike for my daughter and only sliced my thumb open with a screwdriver once.

Just wanted to toss up something that came in the mail a few days back.

I wish I knew how long I'd had this saved on my eBay "watch" list.  I'd say easily six months, and probably much longer.  I think the most expensive I saw it listed at was two bucks and change, free shipping, but I finally pulled the trigger when it got down to $1.46.  After seeing the '77 style cloth stickers from last year's Archives set, I thought it'd be cool to be able to add a similar-styled Padre to the binders.  And who doesn't love Randy Jones?  Nobody, that's who.

Anyways, I have a few more trade posts I need to finish up, as well as a few trade packages that I've been neglecting to send out, sorry to those I've kept waiting.  Been feeling swamped with school and other responsibilities, and the Padres inability to score runs hasn't helped my blues.  Hopefully they can learn their lesson and stop pitching to Ryan Braun and/or just stop playing the Giants altogether.

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  1. No Rockies, no Dodgers at Petco, no Giants, apparently no Brewers...probably no Diamondbacks... We could play Miami a bunch...? Yeah, maybe not.

    Ran-day! Still has the big ol' house on the hill?