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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Slowly getting caught up on trade posts... well, actually, this is the second post in a row where bloggers have offered me free cards, so I guess these are more like "charity donation" posts.  Still pretty great in my book.

This sweet batch of cardboard came via Johngy of Johngy's Beat.  He was kind enough to go over my short "want lists" and find a few things that I've been looking for.

This is Chris Denorfia's Rookie Card.  Not that it's super special or anything, but I really like the stance, seems like a good shot for a baseball card, but one that you don't see too often.  Unfortunately sporting a Reds uniform, but hey, he came to San Diego as soon as he could.

The rest of the package was all about set collecting.  I have now officially completed...

1992 Pinnacle Series 1!  Glad to have those last three vacancies filled.  This is also a prime example of why I can't really be a good set collector; while I'm excited to have the set finished, is it really exciting to get a card of "Draft Pick" Tyrone Hill?  Or of any of these other guys?  Nevertheless, I'm glad to have this one in the books.  If I was more ambitious, I might have an eye on Series 2, but I think I'm probably good on the '92 Pinnacle front for a good while.

He also hooked me up with a bunch of '77 Padres, which was really awesome.  So awesome in fact, that when I checked to see if I had completed the team set... I realized that I had left a few cards off the want list.  So, while he would've helped me complete the set, it turns out that I'm still four cards shy of completing this team set.  But it shouldn't be hard to come by, right guys?  Right?

By the way, each of the above cards are awesome.  Somebody needs to bring back the "Tito Fuentes-wearing-a-headband-under-your-hat" look.  Of course, the same could be said for Rollie's handlebar mustache and Winfield's killer sideburns.

The sets that are really inching towards completion are the 1971 and 1973 sets.  He included cards for both of them, but four of them were ones that I posted about last week.  However, there was one that I was able to cross off the list...

Bill Greif!  One of the higher numbers in the set, but from what I've seen, not a very pricey card (compared to the high number '71s that are killing me).  This gets me to within TWO of a complete Padres team set from 1973.  Very cool.

Thanks a lot Johngy!  Nice to see so much brown and gold in one post!  Even nicer was the Padres first win of the year this afternoon, a 2-1 victory over the Mets.  Eric Stults and the Padres bullpen combined for fourteen K's while scattering five hits and a run on a John Buck solo shot.  I got my wife's permission to spring for a month of MLB.tv and haven't missed a game yet.


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