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Monday, April 15, 2013


I'm anxious to post something else on the blog, yesterday's post about Carlos Quentin / Zack Greinke struck me as a little too serious for my liking.  Let's ease up!  It's just a game!  At church yesterday, one of the hymns that was sung was Lord, I Would Follow Thee.  As I was listening to what I was singing, I found some of the lyrics to be appropriate to my feelings towards the Dodgers...

Who am I to judge another
When I walk imperfectly?
In the quiet heart is hidden
Sorrow that the eye can't see...

Savior, may I love my brother,
as I know thou lovest me.
Find in thee my strength, my beacon,
For thy servant I would be.

Okay, so maybe citing a quote from a church hymn doesn't quite "lighten the mood", but I decided to toss out an olive branch to my Dodger brethren, who happen to love the same game, just root for a different team.  Kind of a "love the sinner, hate the sin" type of thing.

I'm just kidding!

Alright, so I have only a handful of Dodger cards in my binders.  I have two or three from Paul Konerko's early days as a pro, and I have one of Eric Stults, current Padre pitcher.  I also have a handful from 1992 Pinnacle Series 1 (since I have the set), and if they had any of the 1971 style Archives cards from last year, then I have those as well.  Besides those, the only Dodger cards I have are of Fernando Valenzuela.

 Even though he made his name with the Dodgers, I'm a fan of his due to his time with the Padres towards the very end of his career.  The dude was impressive, especially in 1996, which to this day is my favorite team the Padres have ever put together.  If you look left to right, it kinda goes in the order of how his windup went.

I've seen quite a few cards of Fernando with a bat in his hand, which is pretty cool.  He played in 440 National League games and notched 1,044 plate appearances, hitting an even .200.  Not bad for a pitcher.  He hit ten home runs (eight for the Dodgers and two for the Friars), 26 doubles, a triple, and 84 RBI.

This is probably my favorite Fernando card.  I'm a sucker for those multiple exposure cards from Upper Deck.  There have been some good ones for sure.  

C'mon, you didn't think I'd go a whole post without a Padres card, didja?  This is my favorite Fernando card from his Padres days.  I have seven from his Dodger days and six from his time as a Padre.  Hopefully I can score a few more and swing the bulk of the cards over to the San Diego side.  A quick Google search shows that other players featured on the "Young At Heart" cards from 1998 Upper Deck include Lance Parrish, Cal Ripken Jr., and Paul Molitor.

Fear not though, Dodger fans.  If the image of Valenzuela as a Padre is a little sickening to you, at least on the back they included him as a Dodger.  The stats on the back include his eleven year career with the Dodgers, and the blurb mentions that in '81, he won Rookie of the Year along with the Cy Young Award, becoming the first player ever to do so in the same season.

Today, the Padres travel to Chavez Ravine to face the Dodgers on Jackie Robinson Day.  Hopefully the spirit of good sportsmanship that he showed during his time in the game will be shown by both sides and we can be treated to some good baseball.  


  1. My in-laws, of Mexican descent and knowing nothing about baseball got caught up in Fernando Mania and went to a game with us when he pitched in the Astrodome. A wild and wonderous night.

  2. I agree, the '91 UD is the one, though the two Donruss from the early 90's are right in the mix.