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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dave's Attic Pt. 1: Player Collections

I'm slowly digging myself out of a mess of cardboard.  I'll explain why in more detail later, but one of the reasons is that I got another heaping helping of cardboard from my father-in-law Dave.  This was not from his aforementioned "Big Box", but from his "Big Attic".  Well, maybe it's not big, but some of the cards that he sent over hit me in a big way.  He sent over a whole mess of stuff, and it's been awesome digging through it.  There will be a trade bait post for sure in a day or two, because I think that there are others out there who might enjoy some of it more.

There was also some legendary stuff that I was floored that he included.  I'll save that for tomorrow.  Today, though, is a focus on all of the cards that he sent that will go towards my player collections.

First up, a new guy to the Player Collection binder, Andy Benes.  I have a post for the induction of two new player that's still in "draft mode", so you'll see that later on in the week as well.

Pinnacle's "Team 2000" inserts are among my favorites of all time.  And they were in Pinnacle's first set.

Oh.  I do not know what I did to this picture, but believe me when I say that these aren't misprints that were somehow printed backwards, it's just an operator error.  I'd go back and change it, but it looks kinda cool, right?

Tony, Tony, Tony!  Score's "Dream Team" cards are pretty awesome.

Just when I think that there can't possibly be that many Steve Finley Astro cards that I don't already have... well, I find more.  I was anticipating a better ending to that sentence when I started typing it.  Sorry for the letdown.

Ahh, now we're getting to the good stuff.  Well, I can't say that these are Archi's best cards, but I'm glad that I was able to inch closer to owning a complete Cianfrocco set.

We now move away from players that I definitely collect, to players that I casually collect.  I mean, I like 'em and all, but they're so good, and had so many cards produced, I don't want to drive myself crazy trying to track every single one of them down.  But these ones definitely made the cut into the binder.

Rickey steals bases.  And has some sweet looking cards.

There were a ton of Griffey Jr. cards.  I'm not holding on to all of them, but these ones were too awesome looking to pass up.  1992 Ultra's "All-Star" subsets are one of my all-time favorites as well.  The Mariners were fortunate to have uniforms that made the 1990 Topps design not look as gnarly.

I think all of Cal's cards should show him in front of a train.  Oh wait, if you read that a certain way, it might make it sound like I'm not a Ripken Jr. fan and that I want him to be hit by a train.  That's not what I mean.  I dig the orange jersey on the Bowman's Best card, sponsored by Mickey D's.

I don't have enough Nolan Ryan cards of him from his Astros days.  BTW, if there actually was a "No-Hit Club", you can bet that Nolan would be the president.

Anyways, this is just a sampling of the awesomeness that Dave sent my way.  I'm still working on the post with the super awesome stuff, so look out for that one.  Normally, I try not to hype up any upcoming posts, to avoid reader letdown, but I feel confident that the follow up to this post will astound and amaze.

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  1. Neat cards! Love that Henderson batch, especially the '93 SP issue.

    Looking forward to seeing the "super awesome" stuff you acquired.