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Monday, April 29, 2013

Cards from a Cornhusker

Slowly working my way through my trade package posts.  Ok, well I'm not sure if he's a fan of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, but Nebraska is the "Cornhusker State", so if he's not a fan, I'm still right.  But these cards came in a trade package from Brad, the author of Sox Fan In Nebraska.  I guess Red Sox Nation extends pretty far out from The Bay State.  If you've ever come across his blog, he is incredibly devoted to the Sox and has a pretty extensive Sox collection.  He's also able to write a quick synopsis of a game without rambling for days, a skill that I don't yet possess.  Or at least a skill that I don't practice frequently

For a long time I thought that "Cornhusker" was a super lame name.  What's intimidating about somebody who husks corn?  But the exact same thing could be said about the Padres.  Fat friars from the 1800s don't sound like great mascots for a baseball team, but it's the culture, it's the history, so it works... for the most part.

Anyways, here are some awesome Friars that came my way...

In the 902 games that Hoffy played in for the Friars, he stepped into the batter's box a whopping 33 times.  He batted .129 (4 for 31) with two doubles and five ribbys.  Only laid down a bunt twice, however.  Trevor is looking pretty intense here, a stark contrast to the calming blue skies in the background.  I imagine that this is a Nebraska corn field kind of sky.

This is one of the Crime Dog's first cards as a Padre, from the '91 Score Traded set.  As much as I've grown to love the brown and orange that Anthony Keith is rocking on this All-Time Fan Favorites card, the uniform that McGriff has here is the one that I remember the most as a kid.  I always assumed that they started in 1992, since that's when most of my cards started looking like that, but I guess it was as early as 1991.  Thanks Score.

Steve Finley is one of those guys who I always get surprised by in card packages.  It sounds weird, but I'll go a week or two without a new one in a trade package, and I think to myself, "well, I guess I have them all."  Then the next thing I know - BAM, here's three more that I didn't already have.  I know that I could go to any number of resources to find out exactly which ones I don't have, but I guess I'm just not that kind of guy.  Look, another card of Steve bunting!  Love these.

My memory is horrible, but I'm pretty sure that these are the first Astros cards from this year's Heritage set that I've gotten in a trade package.  Slowly trying to put together the team set, just like I'm still trying to do for the Rangers from last year's set (still trying to track down the Ron Washington card).  

This has shot up the list as one of my favorite Khalil Greene cards.  I'm pretty sure that the picture on the right was used by Topps on one of his rookie cards.  If you've got to have a card with two pictures on it, why not have them both be of the same awesome guy?  I think this could've looked really lame, but Khalil's scowl makes it just plain rad.

Is there a better way to end a post than with a Cianfrocco sighting?  Maybe, but it's tough to do.  John Kruk makes a cameo here, as it looks like Archi is taking a turn at first base and is holding him on.  Gotta make sure that Krukky doesn't take off for second.  Looking it up, I found that Kruk actually had 58 career SBs!  Didn't see that coming.  JK also had an even 100 homers and .300 batting average.

Thanks Brad!  Like I emailed you earlier, I've been lame, but your cards will be in the mail today!

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  1. Glad you enjoy them. In response to your comment, we are pretty much all fans of the Cornhuskers in Nebraska. The state pretty much shuts down. Other than a minor league baseball team or two, there really is not much here.