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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

While I was away in San Diego on vacation (yes, I'm still trying to catch up from a few weeks ago), TTG from Friars On Cardboard sent me a package.  It was super bulky and only had one card in it...

Typing in "Darin Erstad" on COMC.com yields 796 results.  Is that crazy?  One of the reasons that I love collecting Archi Cianfrocco cards is that on COMC.com, there are only 49 cards to collect.  I mean, I'm all about "the more, the merrier", but that just seems a little overboard.  Still, love me some Erstad.

Anyways, on to the items in the package that were not Darin Erstad cards.  Joe sent me...

Ok, no, he didn't send me my son Foster (that would've been a much more bulkier package, as the dude is pretty huge for an almost-four-month old).  He sent a toddler beanie and matching socks with Padres logos on them!  Very cool!

It also came with a bib that is somewhere in the house, but I have no idea where.  Fozzie's not eating baby food yet, but it would've come in handy around the time I took this picture.  That wet ring around his collar isn't sweat, ladies; this kid can drool like no other.

Anyways, it's been pretty chilly here in central Texas (ok, ok, compared to what it's normally like), so they've come in handy.  A very cool and unique item to find in a package from a fellow blogger and Friar fan.  Hopefully the Pad Squad can come back from an embarrassing Opening Day and even up their record tomorrow.  Me and Foz will be rooting 'em on!

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  1. Amazing.

    Joe rocks!

    Your lil' man Foster rocks...in those socks!

    What a phenom package!