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Saturday, April 20, 2013

All The Way To The Dimebox

If you checked out my post yesterday on the highlights from my $5/1000 card box, you might've seen a card that you also saw on Nick's Dimebox blog in a post that he also put up yesterday.  It was a double of the awesomest Joe Carter card you've ever seen, and I sent it over to him in a trade.  Here are the goods that he sent to the Lone Star State in return.  Starting off with an awesome Oscar Gamble card that I didn't have before.  Gotta love the photoshopped hat and jersey.  Classy, Topps.

Getting Tony Gwynn cards that I don't have is always a bonus.  He's the guy that I have the most cards of, and there are still a ton out there that I don't have, but I'd say the ratio of Gwynn's in the binders to Gwynn's I've given away to my students or in trades is just about equal.  I like most of these late 80s Fleer inserts, although 135 career home runs (an average of 9 ever 162 games) shouldn't qualify Gwynn as a "slugger".  Looking at his stats, he never led the league in doubles, something I thought he must've done at some point.

 Three more additions to the Player Collection.  These are all pretty shiny, especially the Hoffman.  I should look into the "Retro Lucky 13" cards and figure out what they're all about, but I have a feeling it wouldn't be worth it.

These were two of my favorites from the whole package, however.  I can never have enough Padres catchers in gear, and Nate Colbert is an Original Padre and the first "star" they ever had, so any cards of him I love.  Great looking pieces both.

When I first saw this card, I thought I was looking at a different four letter word at the bottom of the card.  Then I realized it was Robert Fick.  Fick was cut from the Rays in 2004 and signed a day later by the Padres.  He was with San Diego until the end of the year in 2005, when he was granted free agency and signed with the Nats.  I remember liking him on the Padres, though I can't remember any specific reason.

The coolest part of the package was a slew of 1996 Mother's Cookies cards.  Unlike some of the Mother's Cookies I've posted on here, these were given out at Jack Murphy Stadium before games.  You'd get most of the team set, with four or five doubles, so you'd have to trade with someone around you to get the complete set.  I'll have to find a checklist to see who else I need, but here was by far the best card of the set...

The 1996 Padres are my all-time favorite Padre team, and '96 was Archi's best year.  He hit a career high .281 in 79 games with 2 homers and 32 RBIs.  He also played in all three playoff games that year, going 1 for 3 with a single and a run scored as the Pads got swept by St. Louis.  The white and orange interlocking "SD" will probably never be labeled a "classic" design, but it reminds me the most of the Padres of my youth.

Thanks a lot for the cards, Nick!

Arriba los Padres!

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  1. You got it! Glad everything arrived safely!

    I won one of those Mother's Cookies sets of Listia a couple weeks ago. I kept a couple I needed for my player collections and passed along the rest to you. I figured you'd need a decent amount of 'em.

    Thanks again for the Carter and all the others you sent!