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Friday, April 5, 2013

All The Way To The Backboard

I'm going to get something off my chest right off the bat.

Nothing makes me stop reading a post more than seeing non-baseball cards on display.  Cards were meant to have baseball players on them, ya know?  Seeing guys with face masks or skates or baggy shorts just seems... off to me.  There are plenty of great bloggers that throw a few of these cards on their baseball card blogs from time to time, but fortunately some of those guys have made separate blogs for that rubbish.

Anyways, that being said... here are a bunch of basketball cards that I just came into possession of.

You see, Kerry from Cards on Cards has a formed a group called the Guilt Free Basketball Card Club.  Apparently he buys lots of basketball cards and only wants to keep a few of them, so he's trading/giving a bunch of them away.  In a email about a potential Padres / Cardinals trade, I mentioned that I was born in Portland (where he resides) and that I was a huge Trail Blazer fan during the Clyde Drexler era.

Here is what I got in the return package for a little stack of Cardinals...

I'd have to say that this is the largest trade package that I've ever received that had such a unbalanced Padre-to-non-Padre ratio.  There were a few Padres and Darin Erstad cards, which I'll show at the end, but here are some highlights of the Blazers he shipped down to Texas.  If you leave now, I won't blame you.

Clyde Drexler is the man.  As a kid, I think that I remember checking the box score for the Blazer game before heading to school more often than the Padres box scores.  I was pretty into basketball, and I remember feeling that being born in Portland made me more different and special than all of the California-born kids around me, so I clung to my roots.  I also probably didn't check the Padres box score very often because I listened to the games on the radio on most nights.

We didn't have cable, so I can probably count the times that I saw Clyde "The Glide" play, but I remember trying to fashion my layups in the way that it looked on his cards.  That middle card is a good example of what I looked like when I played... in my mind.

There were a ton of other Blazers in there, of course, but a lot of old guys that I didn't know, and a lot of new guys that I'd never heard of.  But early 90s Blazers?  That's where it's at.  Porter, Robinson, and Kersey were awesome.

Rod Strickland was another guy that I remember from his Blazer days.  Buck Williams had the sweet eye wear, and Arvydas Sabonis was the big white guy on the team.

I'd be lying if I said that my knowledge of the Blazers was very much at all, especially in comparison to my fanaticism for the Padres.  However, if you don't see the link between Sam Bowie and Greg Oden, then you're probably not a basketball fan, and you've probably already stopped reading.

Even though it was cool seeing a lot of those early 90s cards, I wasn't really impressed with most of the designs of those cards.  These ones, however, looked pretty sweet.  Aside from the sweet design, however, here are the only things I can tell you about these players: Fernandez is Spanish, Roy was injured for a while, and Batum... looks like he was the Blazers logo on the crotch of his shorts.

Here are some older cards.  I probably should've known that Danny Ainge played for Portland for a while.  Or maybe I knew it and just forgot.  Rick Adelman looks like he's ready to suit up right now... ok, not really.  Geoff Petrie is pretty cool, though, as he was the winner of the Rookie Of The Year Award in 1971, the Blazer's first year of existence.

Here are some old looking cards.  The one on the left is Bill Walton, though it's a more recent edition of a Bowman product.  The Dave Twardzik card was (I think) the oldest card of the Blazers lot, coming from '78-'79 Topps.  And the Tom Owens is a cool mini card, but I'd be lying if I said that I'd ever heard of him.

Anyways, a ton of other cardboard from the Blazers, that's really just the tip of the iceberg.  I could've done a whole post on just the Drexler cards, which were all awesome.  I almost toyed with the idea of adding him to the "players I collect" list.  Almost.

Well, onto the right type of cards, the ones with our nation's pastime on them (ok, ok, I know that baseball isn't as popular as it once was, but humor me).

This is the second "Topps Stars" card I've come across, and this seems like it was actually a pretty cool set.  They've got a texture to them that seems really cool.

Kerry posted a while back that he had a bunch of Tony Gwynn cards the the was looking to unload, and provided a list of all of them.  I had never heard of the "King B" discs before, I jumped at the chance to snag this.  Pretty cool.  I forget what kind of card the one on the right is, and I'm too burned out over writing so much about basketball cards to look it up.  But I like it.

Here is a trio of Padre cards making it into the "Misc. Padres" binder.  Nick Trzesniak never played in the majors, but he's still going into the "Padre catchers" part of the binders.  I believe this is my first Dennis Tankersley card as well.  I flat out don't like the 2002 Topps design, but I love the clear shot of Jack Murphy Stadium behind "Action" Jackson.  I think Petco Park is great, but I still get nostalgic for the blue and orange wall with the palm trees in the background.

Last but not least, there were a handful of Darin Erstad cards that came my way as well.  The dude's got a lot of cards.  This was my favorite one, since I love the 1971 Topps design, and this is Upper Deck's blatant rip off of it in their 2002 Vintage set.

Thanks again Kerry for the onslaught of cardboard!  Of course, I love the Padres and Erstad's, but it was very cool to see The Glide on cardboard.  I had a few as a kid, but I have no idea where they are now, so it was way fun digging through those.

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  1. Those Early 90's Blazer teams had a certain swagger to them Strickland,Porter and Kersey are all awesome as well as Clyde the Glide... I'm surprised you didnt get anything on Damian Lillard, that kid is nice and is taking Portland places in a few seasons...Love the Blog btw I'm following check mine out http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/ Join the site if you like what you see.