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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Plain Gray Awesome

Here is a gray-themed post, based on some cards from Roy at Plain Gray Swatch.

Google search suggestions for "gray is..."
* Gray is my favorite color
* Gray is the new black
* Gray is not a color
* Gray is grey

If you type in "Gypsy Queen gray" into Google, the first suggestion is Roy's 2012 Gypsy Queen want list.  I half expected it to be a blog rant on how dissatisfied they are with the gray borders of this year's GQ set.  Here is a card that is not gray, but has a white border that looks pretty awesome.  If you haven't seen one of these in hand, the lettering and border look gray, but they're actually a silver foil.

Headley started the year on the DL, but after a few slow games is hitting .250 with a few home runs.  Hopefully he can get really going and show what he showed at the end of last season.  I keep seeing the All-Star ballot on the Padres website and I don't know who's going to get the nod from San Diego if it's not Chase.  Actually, right now their best player is Chris Denorfia, and he's not even on the ballot.  Great.

Here is a card that I thought was just awesome.  Goofy sideburns and all, Ryan Klesko looks like he's... charging out from behind a... ivy colored brick wall... behind a neon blue sky with just a hint of gray clouds.  Actually, the blue is a plasticy kind of material (I could look it up, probably, but the "Invincible" brand is a pretty confusing one), and if you notice on the left front "wall", there is a serial number of 256/299 on the front.  I kinda like that.  I also like the Spanish on the back of the card, and the fact that you see a reverse of the front, minus the lettering on the jersey or helmet.

Mark Kotsay is becoming one of my favorite Friars.  I need to finally finish the post I started about my trip to Spring Training, because Mark was pretty funny to listen to.  Anyways, I much prefer the current military tribute uniforms that have the digital camo print to the ones from 2002.  Of these two cards, I'd say that the one with the gray jersey is the better looking one.

 Here are a few portraits of some of the best Padres pitchers to ever don the uniform.  I'd like to say that these just looked dark in the picture, but they're pretty dark in hand as well.  Still, the Turkey Red cards are pretty fancy and always welcome in trade packages.

Here is a Finley sandwiched between two Gwynns.  A pretty good shot of Fins, even if it's, like, a negative action shot.  I've kinda ripped on the current Padres uniforms for being boring, but the unis that Tony's got on are probably even worse in my book.  I mean, I like the orange and white interlocking "SD", but the jerseys are just dull.  No gray area there, just dull.

While the first Headley was the surprise of the package, this was the prize of the whole thing... 

I'm now up to eight different versions of Chase Headley's 2013 Heritage card.  There are still a few left, out there, but they're getting rarer and more expensive on eBay, so if I can acquire one more through a trade or online, I'm going to call it good.  It already seems a little ridiculous to me to have a page of cards that are only slightly different, but I figure it'd be fun to do at least once, if it's affordable.

In case you weren't aware, the "REFRACTOR" parallels look very similar to the "chrome" ones, but are only numbered to 564 instead of 999 and they've got a slightly different kind of shine.  Very technical terms, I know.

Anyways, these brightened up a very gray day in central Texas.  Overcast and the threat of rain, but none fell and it was actually pretty humid.  I don't really mind these days, actually, but getting cards in the mail can brighten up sunny days just as much as gray days.  Thanks a lot, Roy, these are great!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cards from a Cornhusker

Slowly working my way through my trade package posts.  Ok, well I'm not sure if he's a fan of the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, but Nebraska is the "Cornhusker State", so if he's not a fan, I'm still right.  But these cards came in a trade package from Brad, the author of Sox Fan In Nebraska.  I guess Red Sox Nation extends pretty far out from The Bay State.  If you've ever come across his blog, he is incredibly devoted to the Sox and has a pretty extensive Sox collection.  He's also able to write a quick synopsis of a game without rambling for days, a skill that I don't yet possess.  Or at least a skill that I don't practice frequently

For a long time I thought that "Cornhusker" was a super lame name.  What's intimidating about somebody who husks corn?  But the exact same thing could be said about the Padres.  Fat friars from the 1800s don't sound like great mascots for a baseball team, but it's the culture, it's the history, so it works... for the most part.

Anyways, here are some awesome Friars that came my way...

In the 902 games that Hoffy played in for the Friars, he stepped into the batter's box a whopping 33 times.  He batted .129 (4 for 31) with two doubles and five ribbys.  Only laid down a bunt twice, however.  Trevor is looking pretty intense here, a stark contrast to the calming blue skies in the background.  I imagine that this is a Nebraska corn field kind of sky.

This is one of the Crime Dog's first cards as a Padre, from the '91 Score Traded set.  As much as I've grown to love the brown and orange that Anthony Keith is rocking on this All-Time Fan Favorites card, the uniform that McGriff has here is the one that I remember the most as a kid.  I always assumed that they started in 1992, since that's when most of my cards started looking like that, but I guess it was as early as 1991.  Thanks Score.

Steve Finley is one of those guys who I always get surprised by in card packages.  It sounds weird, but I'll go a week or two without a new one in a trade package, and I think to myself, "well, I guess I have them all."  Then the next thing I know - BAM, here's three more that I didn't already have.  I know that I could go to any number of resources to find out exactly which ones I don't have, but I guess I'm just not that kind of guy.  Look, another card of Steve bunting!  Love these.

My memory is horrible, but I'm pretty sure that these are the first Astros cards from this year's Heritage set that I've gotten in a trade package.  Slowly trying to put together the team set, just like I'm still trying to do for the Rangers from last year's set (still trying to track down the Ron Washington card).  

This has shot up the list as one of my favorite Khalil Greene cards.  I'm pretty sure that the picture on the right was used by Topps on one of his rookie cards.  If you've got to have a card with two pictures on it, why not have them both be of the same awesome guy?  I think this could've looked really lame, but Khalil's scowl makes it just plain rad.

Is there a better way to end a post than with a Cianfrocco sighting?  Maybe, but it's tough to do.  John Kruk makes a cameo here, as it looks like Archi is taking a turn at first base and is holding him on.  Gotta make sure that Krukky doesn't take off for second.  Looking it up, I found that Kruk actually had 58 career SBs!  Didn't see that coming.  JK also had an even 100 homers and .300 batting average.

Thanks Brad!  Like I emailed you earlier, I've been lame, but your cards will be in the mail today!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kind of a Big Deal

A keen reader of yesterday's post will know that I am now, officially, Kind of a Big Deal.

After writing a clever title for my post on Andrew Cashner's performance against the Giants, Matt from Once A Cub pointed out that a Yahoo Sports writer wrote on the same topic and used a very similar title.  Could it be that people are checking out my blog for the latest and greatest information on the Padres?

Probably not, most likely it was just a coincidence.  Still, maybe...

Anyways, as if that wasn't enough, apparently Bud Black is a reader, as he took my advice on sitting Will Venable and starting Big Kyle Blanks in right field and keeping Chris Denorfia in center.  Yesterday's lineup was as good as I've seen it look all season.  And what was the result?

Denorfia went 2 for 6 with 2 RBIs and a run scored.
Blanks went 3 for 6 with an RBI and a run scored.
Venable went 0 for 1 as a pinch hitter.

Oh, and the Padres won.

Hopefully Venable can get back on track, but while Blanks is hitting, I say you gotta go with the hot bat.  Speaking of hot bats, it'd be hard to find a person more responsible for the Padres win last night than Yonder Alonso.  Dude hit three doubles, had two RBI and scored twice, including the decisive run in the bottom of the 12th inning.

I've got some great Yonder Alonso cards, and this one is probably in my top five.  Scored this one off of COMC.com's end of the year sale for a few quarters.  Love the wrapper redemption cards from last year.  Liked this one especially since Yonder wasn't included in the flagship set as a Padre.

Anyways, I'm glad that my influence is so far reaching.  I don't blog for the money, I blog for the power.  Dance, puppets!  Dance!

Okay, I'm just joking about that last part.  Especially since the lineup that I thought was so good combined for ten strikeouts, while pinch hitters and pitchers added two more.  That the Padres were able to come back from being down 5-0 and score SIX runs in the fourth was awesome, but the win could also be contributed heavily to Marco Scutaro's error on a surefire double play grounder that could've ended it in the 12th.  He couldn't find the handle, Alonso jogged in from third, and the Padres celebrated their third win in a row.  Three!  That's some kind of nice!

Bud Black can thank me later.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Straight Cash, Homey

Last night, the Padres eked out a 2-1 win over the Giants at Petco Park behind the stellar pitching of Andrew Cashner.  Dude has shown brilliance at times, but hasn't been as consistent as he needs to be to stay in the starting rotation.  He's got a rocket for an arm though, one of the main reasons that the Padres picked him up from the Cubs in exchange for Anthony Rizzo.  Rizzo has some monster power numbers this year (his 8 homers and 18 RBIs so far is about as much as the whole Padre team have combined), but is currently hitting for a Mendoza Line average, so... it makes me feel a little less worse about the Pads shipping him off.

Anyways, Cashner was the big reason that the Padres won, tossing six innings of five hit ball, allowing one run and notching five Ks, and lowering his ERA to 3.26.  He also scored the tying run after getting a lead off single off Tim Lincecum in the third and stealing second.  Huston Street came in for the save in the ninth and got the final out with runners on first and third.  Street's given up 11 hits in 8 innings this year, way too high for a closer.  Still, he's 4 for 4 in save opportunities, so he hasn't negatively affected the Padres in the win column yet.

Anyways, this will also serve as a trade post for some cards I got from Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter.  This is my first card from Cashner's day as a TCU Horned Frog.  This card is super shiny and numbered to 1500, if you're into that kinda thing.  Andrew Walker, who gets bottom billing in this one, was drafted in the 5th round of the 2007 draft by the Pirates and had a minor league career batting average of .246 before his last season in 2010.

Kyle Blanks made his first appearance since crashing into a wall at AT&T Park.  He needed some stitches to sew up his eyelid, but hopefully he'll get back on the field getting some regular playing time. With Carlos Quentin back from his suspension (and hitting .364 with a homer and 3 RBIs in three games), he doesn't have much of a spot in the outfield, but I'd like to see if he could play in right and take Will Venable's spot, and move Chris Denorfia to center full time.

Is there a sale of these going on somewhere?  I got a Trey Beamon autograph from this same set a few trade posts ago, and now I have this sweet looking one of Andy Ashby.  I like the signature.  Ashby was a great Padre, going 70-62 with a 3.59 ERA in 8 seasons.  He was on the '96 division championship team and the '98 pennant winning team.  I saw him on TV when the Pads last played in Colorado, since he was on the inaugural Rockies team in '93, after being plucked from the Phillies in the Expansion Draft.

When I originally drafted this post, I put the cards in the reverse order (i.e. I had the Cashner card last and this Maybin card first).  Since the Padres won the game last night, I decided to flip the script.  I had only seen pictures of these Panini Prizm cards, but now I can say that I have one in my binders.  Maybin has been struggling mightily this year, and finally got placed on the DL for wrist issues.  Watching him hit .090 in 33 at bats was enough to put my eyeballs on the DL.  He did only have 5 strikeouts, so hopefully he can get healthy and get right.

Anyways, despite Maybin's struggles, these Prizm cards look better in hand than I thought they would, so it's cool to have one.

Padres try to get a streak going tonight, hopefully they can make it three wins in a row.

Thanks a lot Spiegel!  Three days, three great trade posts from great Dodger fans and bloggers.

BTW, title of the post (aside from referencing Andrew Cashner) comes from a Randy Moss quote, asking how he was going to pay a fine for pretending to moon some Packers fans during a game in the playoffs - not with a check.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Great Cards from GCRL

Man, trade posts out the ears lately.  Just one more after this one... unless I get home from work today and find that I've got mail.  Not that it'd be a bad thing, getting wanted cardboard is always a good way to end your work day.  But there are so many things besides trades to post about.  I mean, didn't you hear that the Padres won their sixth game?  Of the season?  And we're almost in May?  Someones gotta report this kinda stuff!

Speaking of the Padres winning and the Dodgers (oh, these cards came via Dodger fan and overall great blogger GCRL), I'm borrowing stealing an idea from another blogger, Night Owl.  On his sidebar, he's got a running tally of the "Dodgers of the Game".  I wanted to do something like this last year, but never got around to it, since I didn't start my blog until after the season had already started.  Well, since I've been watching and running this since Day 1 this year, I decided to post it up.  Like Night Owl, I'm only doing it for games that the Padres win, so while I might not update my list as much as he updates his, I think it'll be cool to see which players rack up the most "game balls".

Anyways, on to the sweet cardboard sent to me from the Wolverine State...

A Dodgers card?  Of Brett Butler?  Why in the world would I want - Oh.
Look at that.
Brett Butler is sliding into third base at Jack Murphy Stadium (just look at the palm tree above the "364" sign) and none other than Archi Cianfrocco is manning the hot corner.  Jim always seems to find ways to slip these "lurkers" into trade packages.  Good eye, man.  I guess you tend to notice when the back of the guy's jersey has a ten letter last name that reads like an eye-chart.

Here are some great cards for the player collection binder.  The Khalil Greene card features the box score of a game where he hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning.  That seems like it'd be pretty cool to do.  Like the serial number on the front as well.  This Steve Finley is also a "dated card", as it shows the day of the game just above his name (6/7/96).  Hmmm... according to the pretty reliable baseball-reference.com, the Padres lost at home to the Pirates on 6/7/96, but the pitcher here appears to be a Giant... very curious...

Darin Erstad rules.

These cards pretty much finished up my Padres Heritage set for the year.  For some reason, when I first looked at the checklist online, I thought "wow, there's a lot of Padres on it this year".  But looking at it now, while it's more than last year, it's not really "a lot".  I wish they added a few more guys, namely Chris Denorfia.  Would've been cool to see Jedd Gyorko, Kyle Blanks, and Brad Brach as well, but they're kind of "fringe guys", so not a real shocker that they missed the cut.  Apparently, Braun and Soriano were good enough to get a new picture to use for the "RBI Leaders" card, but they stuck Chase with the same shot they used for his solo card.  Weak.

This marks the second time that Jim has hooked me up with an addition to my "kids on cardboard" collection.  HoJo had some cool cardboard in the 90s, but this is currently my only card of him in a binder.  I'll assume that it's his kid, though the child doesn't appear to be half wolf/half man.  I have no idea who Jason Thompson is, but apparently the Memphis Chicks were once a minor league affiliate for the Pads from '95 to '96.  "Chicks" is apparently short for "Chickasaws" (the indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands).  Chicks, man.

As per usual, a great selection of cards from GCRL.  Thanks a lot man.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Ain't Junk

The following are some cards that came my way from everybody's favorite Ken Griffey Jr. fan, TJ from The Junior Junkie blog.  The dude has copious amounts of cardboard that happen to not be of Junior, so he's trying to clear them out and replace them with more Juniors.  This particular batch of Friars came unsolicited, but I'll be shipping some stuff out to the bayou soon enough as a thank you.

Leafing through the contents of the package, I wondered what would've happened if these had arrived on the doorstep of any other card bloggers.  What would they keep, what would they toss?  Assuming that they're not a Padre fans, would any make it into the binders?

Well, fortunately, they didn't get sent to any random blogger, they got sent to me.  And here are a few that I liked enough to take pictures of.

I have more cards of Mark Parent catching than any other Friar backstop, with the exception of Benito Santiago.  Pretty impressive for a guy who only played an average of 35.6 games per year in his five year stint in San Diego.  Still, they all look great, and are always appreciated.

These are two sharp looking Gwynns.  I'm normally not a huge fan of a lot of the 90s "super shiny" cards, but that Bowman's Best looks awesome.  Leaf managed to make the most horribly boring set of the year in 1992, and then create an awesome parallel set, switching out the dull gray for the midnight black.  Good choice, fellas.

Speaking of Leaf...  A while back, I posted two cards that I didn't have from the 1991 version of that set, and today I have two more from the previous year that will fill some voids in my binders.  I remember not really being a fan of Leaf as a kid, but I like these ones enough now.

Just when I thought I had every card of Steve Finley laying down a bunt, The Junior Junkie goes and surprises me with this gem from 1994 Stadium Club.  To top it all off, he goes and makes me create an exception to my "no Finley cards from his post-Padre days".  Though it hurts me to see him in the uniform of any other NL West team, this shot of him in a Giants uniform tracking down a long fly ball is too good to discard.

If you couldn't tell, the majority of the cards sent my way were all from the "overproduction era" of baseball cards.  I felt like I already had all of the Padre cards from 1989 Upper Deck worth having.  I was wrong.  Not one, but two pitchers swinging the bats?  Gotta have those.  I actually seem to recall having a few others of Ed Whitson at the plate... I'll havta dig those up sometime.  Randy Ready isn't a pitcher, but he's Ready to take some BP, by the looks of this one.

If you haven't seen it yet, Tim from the Toddfather blog is having a countdown of his top five favorite sets from the 90s.  At number five, he put 1995 Score.  I don't know that I would have the Score name in any of my top five from the 90s countdown, but 1992 Score is probably my favorite.  Like most things that I like, I like it not so much because I think it's the "best", but because I'm attached to it; '92 was the year that I got really into collecting baseball cards, and I must've opened a bunch of those packs.  Love the Padres logo in the background at good old Jack Murphy Stadium.

Looking back at the history the Padres have of having top-tier closing pitchers (Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Trevor Hoffman, Heath Bell, Huston Street, etc.), it seems easy to overlook Mark Davis, who was an All-Star and won the Cy Young in 1989, his last year with the Padres.  He led the league in saves with 44, and in the offseason, signed with the Royals, never to find the same magic again. 

Oh!  Just when I thought I was done finding Padres pitchers at the plate in this package, I find a Rasmussen ready to rip on the reverse side of a card.  

Thanks JJ!  I have a brick of Griffey's with your name on it (and address), I just gotta get out of work early enough to take it to the Post Office.  

The Bigger Man

A few days ago, I received a bubble mailer with a New York return address.  Upon further inspection, I was surprised to see that the package came from the blogosphere's favorite newspaper editor, Night Owl.  Why was I surprised?  Well, I may have been a little more opinionated in a recent post on the Dodgers/Padres bench clearing incident than I normally am on this blog, and I can see how it might've rubbed him (and any other Dodger fans out there) the wrong way.

Hopefully this cardboard olive branch is a sign that fences are mended and there are no hard feelings between fans.  After all, I wouldn't have charged the mound.

Enough of that crap, lets look at some cards.  We'll start off with a classic...

A miniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  This is my first '75 Topps mini, and who better to get it from, than the king of minis?  There is a lot to like about this card, from the grandstands in the background, the clear skies, and the brown and yellowy goodness of the '70s uniforms.  I suppose I could also make a smart aleck comment about Enzo wearing a brown windbreaker underneath his uniform.  Instead, I'll just go ahead and say that getting a '75 Topps mini from Night Owl is pretty much the cardboard equivalent of getting a high five from Top Gun-era Tom Cruise.

Sand volleyball and jeans sounds like a pairing made only in Hollywood.  Bummed that they scrapped the idea for "Top Gun 2", but now maybe those big shot movie producers can turn their attention to getting "Bill & Ted 3" green lighted.

As long as we're looking at cards with the 1975 design, how about this sweet looking card from 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites?  There is so much that is right about this card that I don't even know where to begin.  I'll to make this card even better, I'll go ahead and contrast it with everybody's favorite BBQ'er in a different Padre uniform...

Ouch!  Randall Leo took a break from the concession area and joined the Padres during Spring Training as an advisor of some sort.  I'm pretty sure he's not suiting up now that the season is in full swing, but I think we can agree that the brown and gold suits Dr. Jones best.

I found this thanks to Google Images, this comes courtesy of rjsfro.com, a Padres blog/site that I've perused here and there.  Latos, now a Redleg, is 0-0 this season with a 2.73 ERA in 26.1 innings, giving up 26 hits, but still notching 29 K's.  Not too shabby, Cincinnati is looking pretty tough.

I remember as a kid getting a shirt from a parade (?) that said "Say Yes To The 90s and No To Drugs". While I haven't always been a fan of all early 90s cards, these two are alright in my book.  The Fernandez is from the Traded set, and it's one that I've never seen, while Score keeps it casual with Thomas Howard, a "Future Star".

Mom, if you're reading this (she's commented a few times, so I know she looks at this once in a while), do you remember that shirt?  Know where it is?  I've mentioned it to a few others and they don't believe that such a shirt exists.

BTW, another Google Image search for "Say yes to the 90s and no to drugs" gives us these two gems...

Here's a sentiment I can really support!

I'm pretty sure that the Ninja Turtle bed sheets that I got 20+ years ago are still floating around my parents' house somewhere.  I remember using them in high school a handful of times.  Yes, I was that cool.

Reader:  Okay man, seriously, stop with the random images and get back to pictures of dudes!

Me:  Uh, there's probably a better way to say that, but you're right, let's wrap this up.

I usually don't care for "League Leaders" cards, which is petty of me, because the reason is that the Padres are rarely represented (though that is due to years of futility, not the fault of any card manufacturers).  But luckily, Mr. Perry had a pretty great season in '78, so the brown 'n gold make the cut!  I like this one, even though the dude is looking pretty gray.

Here's the note that the Owl left.  My post on Quentin v. Greinke was a few days after the fact, so I'll assume that he probably didn't read my CQ ramblings and then send the cards, so he might still be sore at me.  Actually, I suppose I'm probably flattering myself if I'm thinking that anything that I do affects him in even the slightest way.  Either way, hopefully a PWE coming his way will make him a little less ill.

Thanks again Night Owl.  Class all the way.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Minor Additions

This is my 300th post, just a few days after this blog hit the one year mark.  What better way than to celebrate than with a pair of new cards for my Archi Cianfrocco collection?

In my "saved searches" on my eBay account, I have the word "Cianfrocco", and whenever I log on, it's usually the first one I check (though that might be because the searches are in alphabetical order, and I named the search "Archi").  A while back, I found a listing that had 50 Cianfrocco cards, although there were plenty of duplicates, so there were about 34 different cards.  It was a pretty impressive selection of cards, though I had about 85% of them already.  I emailed the seller and asked if I could just take a few of that I needed for a reduced price, and they kindly obliged, which was awesome.

Here's one of Archi during his days with the Harrisburg Senators...

Did I say "Archi"?  I meant Arcie!  I'm not sure if Angelo was still toying with how to spell his nickname, or if this was a company error, but it's cool to have.  These Line Drive "Pre Rookie" sets seem pretty cool - don't actually have any besides this one, but have seen plenty online.  You can tell that Archi used to ride his bike to practice as a kid, because sticking your glove on your bat like that is usually done so you can still steer your ride with one hand and keep your gear safely in the other.

The other card was from Archi's days with the Jacksonville Expos...

Dang it!  Did I say "Archi"?  I meant "Archie"!  The only other Cianfrocco minor league card I have is also from his days in J-ville.  Apparently he was their third baseman, though in Harrisburg, he would become a regular old infielder.  For some reason, this pose reminds me of Little League picture day, though I'm not sure if this was a pose that I ever struck.

Very cool to land these.  There is a guy selling Cianfrocco minor league cards for $13 each, so that made these ones look like a complete steal in comparison.

Hope ya'll are having a good Wednesday!  I need to get back into the groove with my GWYNNsday posts, but I'm still trying to catch up on a lot of other planned posts that have been sitting half finished in my "draft" folder.

By the way, if you google "Archi Cianfrocco", a tribute post that I wrote on him is the 8th suggestion.  Thought that was pretty neat.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Because

Things have been crazy at school the past few days.  Our students' state test results came in, so we've been busy planning and dealing with the fallout.  Some passed, some didn't.  Our team was able to up the percentage that passed (as compared to last year) by a pretty sizable percentage, but the overall rate was far from excellent.  Anyways, suffice it to say that school is keeping my hands full, and when I get home, the kids take on that responsibility - last night I put together a bike for my daughter and only sliced my thumb open with a screwdriver once.

Just wanted to toss up something that came in the mail a few days back.

I wish I knew how long I'd had this saved on my eBay "watch" list.  I'd say easily six months, and probably much longer.  I think the most expensive I saw it listed at was two bucks and change, free shipping, but I finally pulled the trigger when it got down to $1.46.  After seeing the '77 style cloth stickers from last year's Archives set, I thought it'd be cool to be able to add a similar-styled Padre to the binders.  And who doesn't love Randy Jones?  Nobody, that's who.

Anyways, I have a few more trade posts I need to finish up, as well as a few trade packages that I've been neglecting to send out, sorry to those I've kept waiting.  Been feeling swamped with school and other responsibilities, and the Padres inability to score runs hasn't helped my blues.  Hopefully they can learn their lesson and stop pitching to Ryan Braun and/or just stop playing the Giants altogether.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Out of the Blue

Matt from the excellent blog Once A Cub (who is apparently my twin in the blogosphere) sent me over a package a while back full of cardboardy goodness.  I've only opened one pack of this year's Opening Day set, and while it was enough to get a great play at the plate card, I wasn't lucky enough to pull any of those fancy blue bordered cards that people have been comparing to this year's green parallels from the flagship set.  These look goooood.  Much better than Street's current 7.20 ERA in five innings.

 I thought this was a pretty nice mix of cards; the Friars current manager sporting the gray away jerseys with the blue and white cap.  Bip is shown here swinging away in the late 80s/early 90s orange and brown.  Last but not least, Original Padre Fred Kendall shown in his second stint with the Padres feeling groovy in the brown and gold.

 I am not a fan of the 1991 Leaf set.  Borders with color in them are awesome, and while I guess that gray is a color, it's a pretty boring idea for baseball cards (sorry Gypsy Queen).  I actually got the complete set when I was a kid (I think my grandparents gave it to me?), but I totally destroyed it - the reorganizing of players by teams, names, positions, etc, and eventually I was missing a bunch of 'em.  

Anyways, while I had the McGriff and Benes cards earlier, I'm glad to have them again.  If anyone can name the band that did the song "Freeze Frame" without looking it up online, props to you.  Great song, and great card of Mr. Gwynn.

While I like cards with color in the borders, 1990 Topps was a little too... loud for my liking.  Still, this Fred Lynn card from the traded set looks cool.  I'm not a huge John Kruk fan, so I guess I'll allow a mini version of this card into the binders. 

Matt also hooked me up with not one, not two, but five autographed cards.  Only showing a few of 'em here, but here are a pair of Padre prospects.  Dustin Hermanson had the best signature of the bunch, and probably had the best career out of all of them.  The only cards of Hermanson that I have in the binders are ones that say "Prospect" or "Draft Pick", just because he was a big deal when he first came out, and he didn't really pan out for San Diego, going 4-1 with a 7.35 ERA in 34 games.  Still, I always like seeing Hermanson cards in packages.  The only reason why I've heard of Trey Beamon is because he had a cool rookie card that I showed here.

Okay, maybe it could be said that Craig Shipley had the best career out of the lot.  San Diego's favorite Aussie had a career average of .271 with 20 homers and 138 RBIs.  He was with the Padres from 1991-94, and then again from 1996-97.  I like these Leaf cards, mostly because it's the only set with a certified autograph of Archi Cianfrocco.  That one's still on the "do not have yet" list.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the sweet cardboard Matt!  Dude's a great trading partner and runs a sweet blog, so if you've got any cards of players who were once Cubbies, send 'em his way!