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Friday, March 15, 2013


I'm going to see these guys play baseball...

Well, hopefully they'll be there.  Today they're playing a split squad game against the Dodgers in Peoria, but I'm not sure yet as to who will be there and who will be facing the Royals in their stadium.  Hoping for a good game, getting to see some new Padres, and hopefully come away with a win, even though the games don't count for anything yet.

Still digging this year's Heritage design so far, at least for the six Padres that I was able to pull before heading out of town.

I will be catching the game with most of the people on this card...

We had this made at All-Star FanFest when it was in Anaheim in 2010.  My little brother Ammon is sporting the Padres jersey, my dad is repping the Indians, and I was rocking an Astros jersey (I was getting ready to move to Texas at the time, but I was wearing a Padres shirt underneath).  My brother Sam is in the background, but he's doing the Lord's work in Nicaragua, so he won't be joining us today.

If you couldn't tell, we are a serious bunch.


  1. Be sure to wear sunscreen! Have a good time, and boy, do I envy you!

  2. Padres??? Meh. You get to see the ROYALS!!!!!!!! :-) :-)

    Have fun. I went to Spring Training back in 2009 and had a blast. I saw games at the Royals/Rangers stadium in Surprise and the Indians/Reds one in Goodyear.

  3. I've always wanted to hit a spring training game. Trouble is, not many of them come through these parks here in blustery Illinois.

    Have fun!