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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Word Awesome

This here blog will be hitting it's year mark in a month and a half, and I've been going through the archives seeing how my writing and perspective has changed in the short time that I've gotten back into baseball cards after almost a decade and a half break.

I certainly like where things are heading as far as my collection is concerned, but as I've been reading, I can't help but notice my complete over-useage of the word "awesome".  I mean, I've thrown in plenty of other similar synonyms to avoid complete "awesome" burn out, but I'll admit that I use it a lot.

Which got me thinking about how awesome cardboard pictures of men really are.  Obviously, I think they're really cool, but there are plenty of other things in my life that are truly awesome.  In an effort to balance out my writing, here are some things that are even much more awesome than baseball cards.  Since this is a card blog, I'll supplement them with pictures of awesome cards (c'mon, I couldn't go a whole post without posting at least some cardboard).

Going to baseball games is awesome.
Going to baseball games with family and friends is definitely awesome.
Hearing "Hells Bells" ring from the PA system is incredibly awesome.

Being a teacher is awesome.
Being able to get kids excited about learning is always awesome.
Being able to reach a struggling student and help them succeed is hard to do, but when it happens, there's not much that is more awesome than that.

Listening to great music is awesome.
Seeing a great band in concert is totally awesome.
Looking for great music for hours on end in record stores is really awesome.

Reading the sports page in the morning before anybody is up is awesome.
Going to the beach when there's not very many people there is awesome.
In-N-Out Burger is awesome.
Mexican food is awesome.
Good Mexican food is really awesome.

Seeing the births of both of my children was awesome.  And a little gross.  But mostly awesome.
Seeing them get bigger and need you and love you is really hard, and really awesome.
Coming home at the end of the work day and getting a hug and a kiss from my daughter makes even the worst days awesome.

My family is awesome.
My dad being my baseball coach for so many years was way awesome.
All of my family's inside jokes are funny.  And weird.  And awesome.
My grandma still rubbing it in that she beat me in HORSE when I was in elementary school is embarrassing.  And awesome.

My wife is awesome.
Seeing how she's stayed the same after being with her for 10 years (married for 6 of them) is awesome.
Seeing how she's changed over the last ten years is awesome.
Quality time with my wife is awesome.  And happens too infrequently.  But awesome when it happens.

Knowing what my Savior did and continually does for me is more awesome than I can fathom.
Serving others is hard to do, but it usually awesome.
Feeling peace is wonderfully awesome.

Living in the United States is awesome.
Growing up in San Diego was really awesome.
Moving away from Idaho was really awesome.
Living in the great state of Texas is awesome.
Going back to visit San Diego is awesome.
Being a Geography Bee champion finalist in middle school was awesome.

Writing about things that interest you is awesome.
Having people send you things you like for free is awesome.
Getting to know people who share your passions and interests is awesome.
People who read my blog are awesome.  

Being healthy is awesome.
Playing catch is awesome.
Being a Padres fan is awesome.
Spring Training is awesome.

And Archi Cianfrocco is awesome.
There's no way around that.


  1. I think we all overuse that word. But ya know what? There're lots of awesome things out there, and that's a good thing! Plus, we're all baseball card nerds and we have a hard time containing and processing our glee sometimes.

    Hats off to you, brother, and God Bless...

  2. I'm on at least a one-awesome-per-post ratio right now, especially with trade posts. I just can't help myself most of the time.

    Awesome write-up, Marcus!

  3. Yeah, those cards are awesome.

    I say it too much, too. I'm going to start using "dudical" instead.