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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Other 29: Orioles

As a countdown to the 2013 season, I'll be doing a feature on each Major League team.  This has been done before - probably better - in other places by other people.  I'll try to mix it up as much as I can though.  I am listing the teams in order of proximity to my current location; central Texas.  I'll be doing one of these posts (hopefully) every other day sporadically, with the last post featuring the Padres on Opening Day. Enjoy!

Well, I guess it was a little more ambitious than I thought, trying to post every other day about the "Other 29" teams.  Unless my calendar is lying to me, I'll have to be working double time in order to crank it all out by Opening Day.  I might just have to move it to the end of Opening Week (that's a thing, right?) so that I don't overload on these posts.  Still, the next few have plenty of cards to look at, so at least it won't be much ado about nothing (sorry Rays).

As I write this, I am actually wearing a bright orange Orioles shirt that I bought at a thrift store in San Diego.  One of my favorite shirts, actually.

1,323 miles.


In Little League, my Minor B team was the Orioles.  We didn't have the fancy uniforms that said "Orioles" across the front, so we could've been called whatever we wanted to.  But my dad was the coach, and if we had orange uniforms, we had to be the Orioles (well, I guess we could've been the Tigers as well, but I liked the Orioles better).  I wore number 8 for Cal Ripken Jr., since I was going to be the star shortstop.  Except for that year we needed a catcher, and my dad made be play behind the plate.  I remember being really upset and probably even crying, because, who wanted to be the catcher?

Well, turns out that I loved it!  Good move pops.

Oh, the real Orioles?  How could you not be a Cal Ripken Jr. fan in 1995?  Plus, orange is my favorite color, and the first glove that I remember buying had Jim Palmer's name on the inside.

Jerry Hairston Jr. was an Orioles prospect who went on to play in San Diego, and Miguel Tejada was a great player for the O's for a few years.  He wasn't so great with the Friars.

Former: Cal Ripken Jr.

Current: Chris Davis

Former: Miguel Tejada

Current: Nick Markakis - no real problems, but got suckered into drafting him on one too many fantasy teams.


 Man, check out the jersey that Moose is rocking!  Love the orange!  Arthur Rhodes is probably still playing somewhere, despite the fact that baseball reference.com says his last game was in 2011.  Anybody remember the hype around Ben McDonald?  Those were the 90s...

 This is probably the last time that Jerry Hairston Jr. will be on the same card as Cal.  I LOVE the "Ripken Baseball Family" card here.  No Donruss logos or anything, just the ugly border and happy family.  Great card.

Of course, it wouldn't be a favorite cards section of the post if I didn't post a few Ripken's, right?  I don't go crazy trying to track down all the Ripken's I can, but if it's cool, I hang onto it.  These are a few of my favorites.

Finishing it off with some more recent Orioles.  Well, I guess Davis (a former member of the Round Rock Express) is the only current O here, but at least Guthrie and Lindstrom were there not too long ago.  Guthrie was actually traded for Lindstrom, making it the first time (probably) in recorded baseball history that two former Mormon missionaries were traded for each other.  Won't be holding my breath to read that on the back of a baseball card anytime soon.

Picking against the Yankees or Red Sox just seems dumb.  However, I have rarely been accused of being intelligent, so I'm going to say that the Orioles jump past them and secure a wild card spot as the second place team in the AL East.  C'mon O's, don't let me down!

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  1. Fav Player: Gus Triandos
    Current: Adam Jones
    Least: Brady Anderson

    Card: '89 Fleer Billy Ripken

    Prediction: 3rd AL East