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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look At These First!

When I package up some cards for a trade, like most people, I use those little plastic "team" bags that are so nifty.  If there are some cards that I think the receiver will really like, I usually put them in the middle.  I always assume that if any of the cards are going to be damaged, they're going to be the ones on the sides.

Upon arriving home from vacation last week, however, I found a package from Dustin (from the Vealtones blog, and the newest - only? - doctor in cardblog-land) that utilized a different strategy: the primo cards were the very first ones looking at me in the front of the team bags.  How did he know which ones I would like the most?  I guess I might be more predictable than I thought.  Let's check out the four "first" cards in each of the team bags.

This was in front of the first team bag I ripped into.  Can't ever go wrong with Archi Cianfrocco cards.  Even if I already have 'em, I hold onto 'em.  Fortunately for me, this was one that I didn't have.  I really dig first editions of Topps' gold cards, and fortunately I've gotten a few of them in trade packages, because all the ones that I have from packs are of some pretty... unimpressive players.  Never anybody as spectacular as Archi.

The next one I opened was even better.  Looking right at me (or, I guess looking above me) was a Fred McGriff card from good 'ol back-in-the-day Triple Play.  Right off the "Most Wanted" list!  How can you not love a card that has the players name in small cursive letters at the bottom, with his awesome nickname in a big, shiny foil font at the top?  CRIME DOG!

Then there was cool Cam Maybin, just hanging out like there wasn't a care in the world in the front of team bag numero tres.  Probably enjoyed the ride from Michigan to Texas; sitting in front is like riding first class.  Dustin had given me a bunch of sweet looking cards to choose from as my "hit", since I had sent him some pretty decent cards on from my end, if I do say so myself.  This was the one I chose.  I think bat relics are cooler than jersey ones, and this is bat relic numero dos in my collection, right next to Martin Prado.

BOOM!  Tony Gwynn rookie!  Dustin had mentioned he was sending this one as well, because, in his words, "You don't have a Gwynn rookie, right? Well, you need one, sir."  Well, I couldn't agree more with him.  At the time of our first email, I had zero Gwynn rookies, and now I have two.  He had mentioned that it "wasn't pristine", but the little ding in the top right corner is a small price to pay for an awesome card of Mr. Padre.

On top of those four great cards, those four team bags were filled with other great Padre cards...

Does anybody watch "Prime Nine" on MLB Network?  Pretty good show.  The only thing I don't like about the "Gold Leaf All-Stars" is that, since they're double sided, all of the necessary trademark logos are printed on the picture of the player.  Some guy named Don Mattingly is on the flip side of this McGriff.  As if it ever needed to be flipped over.

I LOVE these Benito Santiago cards.  The one from the '91 All-Star Game in Toronto is awesome, and the only mark against the Triple Play card is the Marlin's logo on the bottom right.  Why Benny, why?

Here are a bunch of older Padres.  A top row full of Hall of Famers, including a sweet card of Ozzie that I'd never seen before.  The bottom row, however, is even more interesting.  Steve Swisher, shown in the rocking' eye-black, is Nick's dad.  Clay Kirby will go into the Original Padre section of my binder (trying to put together a set of players who were taken as part of the inaugural draft in 1968).  And Billy Almon is a former Friar first round pick in 1974.

Some late 90s Padres, great photos all.  Hitchcock was the man in 1998, blowing past the Astros and Braves to lead the Padres to the World Series.  Greg Vaughn was a beast that year as well, and Langston was a veteran in the rotation.

I think these are my first cards from the Ted Williams Company.  Nate Colbert and Randy Jones are Padres greats, so it's cool to see them given some props here.  Love Nate's sideburns and Randy's gold and brown uniform.

Thought I'd throw these up here as well, Ben Davis was a big prospect bust for the Padres, but he's got some decent cards, and this is my first Homer Bush card.  The coolest one of this bunch, though, is Jake Peavy in the middle.  A pitcher that's bunting, plus the card is serial numbered to 250.  Not too shabby at all.

Overall, a most excellent group of Padres!  This batch caused me to max out my "Misc. Padres" binder, and run out of pages as well.  There have been worse problems.  Thanks, good doctor!

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  1. Wow, cool post. I do pride myself on the art of the front card look-at-me effect.

    Great trade, man. Thanks so much. BTW, there's at least one other doctor and he likes Carl Crawford a whole bunch.