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Thursday, March 14, 2013

From the Captain

The vacation is halfway over, but today will probably be the highlight for my daughter, as we are going to The Happiest Place On Earth.  Sure, she's only two and probably won't remember going to Disneyland, but we're excited to go with her anyways.  She's been unbearably cute the whole trip, so despite the mayhem that can ensue at a theme park, I'm excited to be with her and the rest of the family.

If you've been to Disneyland, hopefully you've seen Captain EO.  I'm not sure if the movie is still showing, and I'm not really sure what it's actually about, but it involves Michael Jackson singing and dancing with aliens (?) and is definitely worth seeing in 3D at some point in your life.

This is a roundabout way to show a few cards I got last week in a trade from the Wax Captain (a different captain, who may or may not like to dance with aliens), a fellow Texan in the blogosphere who actually roots for a Texas team.  Weirdo.

All the cards were from recent years, and I had a lot of them, but this cool black parallel of Scott Hairston was one of my favorites in the batch.

He also sent me a gold parallel of Clayton Richard's card from last year.  As I turned it over to read the serial number on the back, I happened to also notice the little two sentence blurb they included on the back of his card, which I found pretty depressing.

It was a luckless 2011 for Clayton.  After receiving only 23 support runs in 16 of his 18 starts (leading to a 1-5 record in home games despite a 2.30 ERA), he underwent season-ending surgery.

Don't worry, in 2012, his record was an even 14-14 with a 3.99 ERA, so his winning percentage went up, along with his ERA.  You win some, you lose some, I guess.  At least he stayed off the DL and led the team in innings pitched.

This was also something cool I found in the package.  No, not the Kimballs mini card of former Friar Mat Latos (another card I already had).  This is a mini top loader!  Has anybody ever seen these before?  I didn't know they made them so small!  On top of that, there's even a little penny sleeve that it came in!  It almost makes me want to put it in my pocket to carry it around at all times, just so that I'm never baseball card-less.  Okay, maybe I'm the weirdo.

Anyways, always fun to make a new trading partner, especially one that lives in the same state.  Maybe I'll run into him if I'm ever able to make it up to Arlington to catch a game.  It's a small world, after all.  Thanks Victoriano!


  1. Yes, Captain EO is still alive and well -- at least he was in Disney World. Mrs. K and I were there for our honeymoon a couple years ago and we took in the 3-D MJ experience. It was chock full o' goodness from the 1980's. I loved it! Then again, I'm kind of an odd person...

  2. Lets get a bunch of tiny top loaders and penny sleeves (half-cent sleeves?) and make keychains!

  3. Glad you liked the cards (and mini top loader). It is nothing compared to what you sent me. I sent another PWE your way. I have not been collecting that long so I am limited to the cards I have. I am going to try my best to work on your want list. Thanks for the awesome trade.