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Friday, March 22, 2013

Dave's Big Box

Like I teased earlier, here are the goods that I plucked from a few boxes that Dave, my father-in-law, had stashed in his attic.  Made an already great vacation even better!  Without further ado, let's dive right in...

This is a popular card among bloggers, but I didn't think I'd ever get ahold of it, since I don't get many non-Padres in trades, and I didn't want to go out and buy it when there are so many Padre cards out there to get.  When I saw this one, I grabbed it immediately.

Don't worry, though, there were plenty of cards that took care of my player collections as well.  A few Cianfrocco's and Finley's that I didn't already have, which were awesome.  This is my first Hoffman card from his Reds playing days.  There were a bunch of Gwynns, and even a small handful that I needed.  These were my favorites, since Tony was a "90's Dominator", and on the other card, he's wearing Reggie Sanders' jersey.  Kinda weird.

There weren't a whole lot of regular old Padres that I needed, but these were three that will fit into my binders nicely.

I thought it was cool to see a bunch of future former Padres in the box as well, show's that me and Dave have similar taste.  Sorry the shot is blurry here, all of these pictures were taken with the camera on my phone.  I love the action shot of John Flaherty in catchers gear from '92 Fleer Ultra, and I also love the randomness of the shot of Scott Livingstone, swinging in front of what is probably the shed in his backyard.

 There were a bunch of cards from the 1992 FanFest, which was held in San Diego.  He didn't have the whole set, so I didn't feel bad cherry-picking a few for my mini-player collections.

 Here are some more cards for my "second-tier" player collections.  I thought the Gossage/Ryan card was especially cool, one that I hadn't seen before.

One more shot of random cards that will make their way into the binders.  The Marcus Allen was the lone football pickup - what can I say, I guess you gotta make exceptions for your namesake.

Here are a few items that I thought were especially cool.  The promo sheet for 1992 Pinnacle and Score is a little worn on the corner of the Mattingly card, but is still in pretty good shape.  I've seen these before, but they were always out of my price range.  Now it doesn't matter.  Also, a complete set of Padre cards from 1993 Mother's Cookies.  I like these sets, and already have the 1984 set, so that's cool.

Getting to more of the high end cards here, here is a 1983 Cal Ripken and a 1993 Derek Jeter SP.  Apparently, the Jeter is still selling for pretty big bucks on eBay.  Hmm...  For now, it's mine, and the Ripken card definitely isn't going anywhere.

Speaking of Mr. Ripken Jr. here is the crown jewel of the box.  A Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie card!  I almost felt bad taking this one, until he told me that he had another one in the box!  Definitely a great piece of cardboard, another card that I never thought I'd own.

Anyways, since I told Dave about the blog, he gave me a few other things to use for trade bait, but I'll detail those later.  Who knew that my biggest card pickups of the vacation would have been in a house that I've been visiting for the last decade?


  1. That Jeter SP rookie is the toughest to get. Great score!

  2. Was looking for signs that the Ripken rookie was a reprint because that card is white and corners and edges are sharp. One of the nicest looking 30 year old cards I've seen. Nice pickups, all of them!

  3. Very cool! Those Jeter and Ripken rookies are awesome! And if you ever come across another copy of that '92 Bowman Hoffman, let me know. That thing's been on the "Dime Box Dozen" list since day one. :)

  4. Nice! But so you know, that's Scott Sanders's jersey that Tony is wearing. Here's the story behind it: http://www.gaslampball.com/cardboard-corner/2012/10/30/3578880/cardboard-corner-wait-what

    1. Dang it! I even read the back of the card where it SAYS it was Scott's jersey! Hey, the blog hasn't reached the year mark, I guess I can still count it as a rookie mistake.

  5. i would love to trade random padres for some oakland A's. contact: cococrispafro@gmail.com

  6. I love me some mystery boxes! I found two 1983 Topps Ripkens last week in a resale shop for a quarter, both in mint shape! The best part about the hobby is the mysteries!