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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Few Updates

It's been a crazy busy week here in central Texas.  My 5th graders are getting geared up for the STAAR tests, an assessment of how good they are at... taking tests.  The pressure is not just on for the kiddos, but for the teachers as well.  Last year in 4th grade, less than half of these kids passed the tests, but now in 5th, if they don't pass it, they get "retained" in 5th grade (they'll have another chance before the year ends, and then another one after summer school).

So, anyways, gearing up for that has been brutal, everyone in the school is on edge.  Fun times.

Due to that, along with other Easter festivities, I'm trying to catch up on some trades that have come my way in the past few days/weeks, all in one post.  I think this should take care of most of them...

First up, a PWE that came from Robert at $30 A Week Habit.  Chase Headley has been given pretty lavish treatment from the Heritage set - there are nine different versions of his base card, which is a high numbered short print.  I don't normally care for things like that, but since it happens so rarely, and I think Chase is a great guy and a great player, I'd like to see if I can track 'em all down.  Two down (this one and the chrome version)... seven to go...

Next up, another PWE from Victoriano, the Wax Captain.  He sent me the last two cards that I thought that I wanted from this year's Topps set, two of my favorite non-Padres, a White and a Red Sock.  Just don't wash 'em together.  Since looking over the cards online, I've decided that there are a few others that I'd like to get ahold of, check out the want list and if you've got 'em, I'll take 'em.

He also sent me this sweet looking CQ card.  Dude has got some serious hair in this picture, giving Joe Mauer a run for his Head & Shoulders endorsement.  I'd be lying if I didn't say that me an my thinning hairline weren't just a little bit envious.

 Next up is a few cards from yet another PWE, this one from Brian, a reader in Pennsylvania.  He actually took the time to look at my Heritage trade list and sent me a few off of my Heritage want list!  Novel idea, right?  He also gave me the sweet bonus of a few random Padres, including this John Flaherty card.  This is my first of him in catcher's gear for the Padres, which is awesome.

The last part of the post shows some cards from Weston over at Fantastic Catch.  I pulled a Jason Motte jersey relic from this year's Heritage set, and he said he needed it.  In return, he sent me a decent stack of Friars, including three Tony Gwynn cards that I didn't already have.  These were two of them, the other one will make it onto a GWYNNsday post at some future date.

The gem of the package that Weston sent was this Yonder Alonso card from 2008 Topps Debut.  Yonder's rocking the Louisville Bats uniform here, and it looks pretty cool, in my opinion.

Weston also sent a few coins of some retired Friars, which I thought were pretty cool.  It seems pretty weird to put them in regular binder pages, but it'll havta do for now.

Anyways, thanks to all of theses great people for the trades!  Now that I have some of those off my back (although I still have two more that are in "draft" mode), I can try to catch back up on "The Other 29" posts, finish my Spring Training 2013 post, detail my second ever card show (first since last year), and post part two of Dave's (my father in law's) Big Box: The Attic.  I know, cliffhanger, right?  Stay tuned.

Oh, and Happy Easter to everybody out there!


  1. I have a Chase refractor, buddy. Give me your best offer!

    Been savin' it for ya anyway.

  2. Don't get me started on pressuring 9 year olds to the point of physical illness to perform on tests so administrators can stick a banner on the front of a school. My school is in full paranoia mode as we head to the STAAR week.

    On a happier note I'm actually looking forward for a season to start for the first time in ages. Go O's!!

  3. Wow, so glad you needed all the cards. I'm starting another pile for.

  4. I taught 6th grade for 4 years and the worst part of the whole thing was standardized tests. That was back when when it was the TAKS test.