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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Heritage

I know, I know, super original post title, right?  Sorry, my headline writer took and early spring break.

Anyways, I swung by WalMart on the way home from work and picked up a blaster of the new stuff.  I'm normally not one to have to be "the first" to do something, but for some reason, blogging about a new set the day it comes out is really fun.  Makes me feel important, I guess.  As a kid, I never knew when any new cards were coming out.  I never really knew anything about the cards until I opened them.  Oh, the days before the internet.

Enough jibba jabba, right?  On to the cards!

How was my first taste of 2013 Heritage?  This was the first card I saw!  A Padre in a throwback jersey, no less!  Maybin got the throwback treatment in his Topps base card this year as well, but even though the throwbacks look sweet, I didn't totally dig the look of the card.  Not the case with this one, however, this looks slick.  Is it too early to say that it's my favorite Heritage card... ever?  Maybe, but it probably is.

As if that wasn't enough, guess who I found in the next pack?

Two Padres in a row?  Stop the presses!  Unfortunately, these would be the only two Friars I'd get, but I can't complain too much.

Most of the cards I pulled will end up on my trade list, but I really liked the look of these Astros cards, so they'll be ending up in the binder.  Is it lame to like a team based solely on their uniforms?  Probably, unless you're a teenage girl, but I stand by my feelings.

Thought I'd post some Metropolitans for my buddy Mark.  The David Wright "New Age Performers" card looks legit.  The Mets uniforms look pretty good with the 1964 design.  Like the Astros and Padres, the Mets font gets the light orange treatment, which I'm a fan of.

Here are the two "Flashback" inserts I got.  Both pretty newsworthy events both, not sure that I'm vibing on the groovy font, but not too shabby nonetheless. 

Here were the only 2 short print cards that I pulled.  I can't imagine trying to put together this set with all 75 of those.  Good luck to all of those gluttons for punishment.  Luckily the Padres only have one on that SP list, Mr. Chase Headley.

Some more "fancy cards".  The David Freese is the blue WalMart parallel card.  It happened to come in the same pack as the regular David Freese card.  You might not be able to tell by the photo, but the Ryan Howard card is a Chrome card, so it's shiny and glossy, because that's what makes sense in a set that's all about "retro", right?

If I was more "plugged in" to the details of this release, I'd be more positive that the black back of this card is a "Venezuelan" parallel, but that sounds weird.  Guess I'm not as hip as I thought I was.

Here was the big "hit" of the purchase.  Not too shabby, as it's the first relic I've ever gotten from a Heritage pack.  Not my first choice for a jersey card, but maybe I can use it as a good trade chip.  I think Yonder Alonso is the only Padre on the relic checklist, but there are plenty of other good names on there.

Well, that's a quick rundown of what I pulled.  Like I said, a large majority of it will be on the trading block, so if you see something besides the Padres you like, lemme know.  As to how I like the set as a whole...

I dig it.  I remember seeing previews of it a while back online and being pretty underwhelmed by it.  Of course, I don't have any 1964 Topps cards in my mostly Padres collection (they didn't join MLB until 1969), so maybe that's why I wasn't too impressed.  Seeing them in hand, I really like 'em.  The card stock doesn't seem as thick as last year's, but not flimsy like last year's Archives set.  The white borders with the bold team name look clean and sharp, and even though "action shots" are pretty much nonexistent, the photography looks good.  I didn't think id like it better than last year's set, but i think i do.

The rookie cards this year look sharp as well.  Here's a couple of Orioles that should be pretty good this year.  Remember when you used to have rookie cards that featured more than one person?

Having never seen the back of a 1964 Topps card before, I can't really compare them, but I like 'em enough.  I guess I prefer the 1963 backs more, but I'm more interested in the front than the back anyways.  In the bottom left corner, there's a trivia question, and to find the answer without using Google, it says to scratch the white area with a nickel or dime.  I did it with one of the cards and ripped it up a little before seeing that the name appeared in the bottom right corner of the box.  Oh well.

I guess the only gripe I'd have with the set has already been voiced here.  The majority of the star players are all short prints, so they're going to be tough to come by.  A bummer for the players that I casually collect like Mike Trout, Dustin Pedroia, R.A. Dickey, etc.  That seems like a major rip off.  Still, the checklist has a bunch of Padres on it, so those will be fun to track down.  Hopefully as others rip into their packs, we can make some deals to get all these non-Padres out of here.

So, what does everybody else think of the set?


  1. I just posted my break.

    Don't like all the stars in the SPs, don't like the card stock, don't like the '64 look in general. Photography, I guess, is better than last year's Heritage, but when it's all head shots, who really notices?

    And, yup, that's a Venezuelan parallel. Nice work there.

  2. Dude please I'm on my knees begging for the Cardinals card you pulled. I won't dissapoint with some Padres cards I have.

  3. I'm interested in the Howard, don't plan on busting any Heritage though, let me know, Thanks!

  4. Wow, great stuff! Especially the Mets cards !!!

  5. I just busted a couple Heritage rack packs. All 40 of the cards I pulled were base. Not a huge deal, but I would've liked to have gotten at least one insert or something.

    I personally don't like this year's Heritage as much last the last couple releases, but it's okay overall. That Maybin card sure is neat, though.

    And, if you don't plan on keeping it or if it's not already spoken for, would you mind putting that Carroll Venezuelan parallel aside for me? I'll probably be pulling a bunch more Padres cards to send your way at the show I'll be attending in a couple weeks. I should find some Heritage Pads at the show, too.

    If not, no problem whatsoever, just thought I'd ask.

  6. I love that Maybin card, too. I even highlighted it on my new post! And thanks for showing off some Metsies. Looks like you plucked a fine blaster. Can't believe you snagged a relic card. I thought those used to be banned from blasters. Well, good job, my friend! I am really enjoying this release. I intend to be a glutton for punishment with the SPs. We'll see how long that lasts (and how much it'll cost...gulp!).

  7. Brad, Nick, and Weston, I'll set those cards aside for you guys, no problem.