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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Going for a two post Tuesday!  With "The Other 29" countdown, I've been having trouble squeezing in other things like trade posts and... well, other things that I'd like to write about.  I'm going to take a few day break from the countdown, just because it's becoming more work than I want to do.  Heck, I found out why I've dedicated my blog to almost exclusively Padre cards... that's what I like best!  Writing about the other teams is getting old, fast.  I still have plans to finish the countdown before the season starts, but the "every other day" posting of it will take a quick break.  Might have to cram it all in a few days before April 1st.

Anyways, it seems like for the past few weeks, it's been seeming like I've been inundated with trade packages.  Well, inundated sounds like I'm buried in the things, but let's just say that the days that I get something in the mail are outnumbering the days that I don't.

And it's a good thing.

I usually try to dedicate a post to each package sent to me by fellow bloggers, but in trying to be efficient, I've crammed a bunch of smaller trades together, since most came in regular 'ol envelopes instead of a bubble mailer.  Here are those cards.

A sweet pair of Emerald Padres from Brian at 30 Year Old Cardboard.  It's honestly a little weird how much I dig these shiny green cards as compared to last year's gold sparkly ones.

More 2013 Topps goodness from another Brian, this one from Play At The Plate fame.  Yonder's first card in the digital camo.  So good.

Brian was also awesome enough to include a few cards of my favorite Padre prospect, Cory Spangenberg.  With two homers in his first three Spring Training games, Jedd Gyorko is quickly catching up to him in the "favorite" department, but I'd be surprised if Gyorko didn't make the Opening Day roster, so he'll be losing "prospect" status soon.  Spangenberg still needs time.

 This post was in draft mode for a few days, and now I have another Emerald Padre to add to my binders, courtesy of The Lost Collector.  Five out of the nine cards from the set.  Not too shabby.  Randy Jones' hair is also not too shabby in this card from 1977.  Not too shabby at all.

AJ also sent me a pair of R.A. Dickey cards.  I like the design of the "Calling Cards", but some of the subjects seem... lacking.  Not so with this one here.  Great binder additions.

Last but not least is a shipment in from Dave at Tribecards.  He had a giveaway last year where he opened a pack of cards for every game of the season.  I thought you had to have a blog to enter the contest, so I actually started this just so I could get free cards.  Guess I'm still rolling with it, huh?

Anyways, I was a little late to the signup sheet, so I got "stuck" with getting cards from the A's, Nationals, and any Padre duplicates.  Fortunately I think Dave snuck some extra Friars into the package as well.
Including some jumbo cards form the 1986 Donruss set.  So many Padre All-Stars...

One of the reasons I wasn't too bummed about getting the A's was because I was sure there'd be at least a few Rickey Henderson cards.  These all look good.

Here are some other A's with Padre ties.  Huston is currently the Padres closer, while A.J. Hinch is the Padres VP of Scouting.

Here were some non-Oakland cards, including an addition to the Steve Finley collection and a Stephen Strasburg sighting.

Thanks again to Brian, Brian, AJ, and Dave for the great cards!  Keeping me busy with things to write about.  I'll have another post up soon with some trade bait-y cards to hopefully induce some more cardboard swapping.  Until then!