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Monday, February 11, 2013

Trade with The Junior Junkie

I believe that the term that was used when describing the amount of cardboard that would be coming my way via The Junior Junkie was "a hairy man stack".

I'm not sure if this is a phrase that has reached it's way to central Texas, but we'll see if it starts catching on.

If I wasn't so impatient, I would've taken a picture of the box of cards that was sent my way, just to see the sheer volume.  I believe the number of cards was hovering around the 400 mark.  Pretty impressive, and pretty fun to dig through.  As per usual, there were the requisite doubles that went into the box for my students, but I was surprised by the number of cards that made it into the binders.

First up, a bunch of hairy men to commemorate the, er... stack of cards that made their way to central Texas.

No Tony Gwynn rookie card from the 1983 Fleer set, but plenty of facial hair to go around.  In a rare defeat, Eric Show goes down to challenger Floyd Chiffer!  Gary Lucas looks like your uncle who plays in a slow pitch softball league on the weekends with his work buddies.

 It started raining Bochys (or Bochies?) in the house as soon as I opened it.  I think I could've done a similar visual with a few other cards that came my way.  What to do with these...

Don't you hate when you go somewhere and they don't accept your Bipster card?  If I could make this my actual debit card, that would be pretty awesome.

Oh Leon.

Andy Benes has some pretty sweet cards.  I think I probably have more Benes cards than anybody else in my "Misc. Padres" binder (not including the Gwynns, McGriffs, Hoffmans, and Finleys, which have their own binder).  

Speaking of Finley's, here are some ones that I didn't have.  Love these.  Also, some pretty identical looking Crime Dogs: right leg about to touch down, blue sleeves under the jersey, colored border on the card.  All keepers.

These are all cards that don't seem like they should be cool, but they totally are.
Bill Almon was the Number 1 pick in the '74 Draft.  Pick number five?  Dale Murphy.
I have a reprint of this Garvey card in a binder.  The original is better.
I like this Lefferts card, but I have no idea what Record was Set that earned him this card.
Benito Santiago rookie!  Score!

Some Prospects cards!  It's I have some cards of more recent Padres prospects, but I file 'em away into my student giveaway box if they end up leaving the Padres.  All the Padre cards I've seen from this 1992 Upper Deck set have made it to the big squad, so they're all awesome.

Getting towards the end, saving the best for last.  Cianfrocco sighting!  These look sharp, aaaaannnnndddd... this gets me to a full page of Padre Archi cards.  I have more of his Expos days, glad to see the Friar cards are catching up.

This was probably my favorite find in the box.  This is a Fleer box top that was decently cut, although not perfectly.  I've scored a few box toppers in past trades, and this one was good in my book.  I'm not sure what Tony's hair is looking like nowadays, but I can't imagine it looking better than it does right here.

If you haven't checked out The Junior Junkie yet, he's a huge Ken Griffey fan who can be a pretty generous trader.  Look him up!


  1. Cool - glad it arrived.

    I tend keep pictures of guys on Zack Morris cell phones, but I had dup's of that 96 UD McGriff.

    All those 83 Fleers came from a single mystery box from my LCS. He acquires entire sets, pulls out the good stuff (Gwynn RC in this case, I presume) and throws the rest in cheap mystery boxes to get them out of the store. This is unfortunate when you get one that contains a whole set minus the guy you want, but awesome as he recently pulled the Griffey and Randy Johnson RC's out of a complete set of 89 Upper Deck and sold me the rest of the set for 8 bucks! Score (Upper Deck)!!!

    Andy Benes has a lot of friggin cards! I think I ended up with half of the AB cards ever printed in the 90's.

    I found all those Bochys (and a few other players) in a mystery box, and since they were all Padres, you got 'em! I thought as I put them in that there might be enough that everyone in your class could get one.....

    I've since amassed several more Steve Finleys that will come with the next trade package.....

  2. Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

    That's a haul of Friars right there, congrats, Backstop!

    I'm going to fire off a PWE to The JR Junkie this week, but nothing that's going to inspire that amount of sheer Padres pleasure.

    Time to display Bochy on every wall in your house, I guess?

    This 1/2 of the trade looks great from here!


  3. Bip sure got a lot of love from the cardblogging world over the past day. And coincidentally, that same Archi card shows up in the post I'll be putting up later. People who read both of our blogs are going to start feeling dizzy...

    1. I almost feel bad for both of those people.