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Monday, February 25, 2013

Trade Addict

The usage of the word "addict" is one that I try to stay away from.  It seems to imply a lack of control or inability to resist something.  There are plenty of things that I really enjoy, but I'd like to think that if I had to, I'd be able to walk away.  I can stop whenever I want!

However, it might be safe to say that I'm addicted to trading.

I mean, I'm not going to take out a loan or invest in the post office, but if it's possible, I love putting together a trade.

Swapping cardboard with familiar friends is always nice, but I'm always trying to find new people to trade with.  Such was the case when I saw that another guy with some addiction issues was looking for a trading partner; Mark from Collector's Crack (I mean, I'm assuming he means "crack" as in the banned substance, and not the crack of the plumber's variety).

Anyways, I sent him some stuff that he was looking for, and here are the highlights of what he sent in return, starting off with the holographic Gwynn above.

A barrage of minis came my way as well.  This is about half of what was sent.  The Winfield is my favorite of the lot, and the sticker on the left is of Alan Wiggins from 1984.  I forget sometimes that World Series Champion Jon Garland pitched for the Friars.  The Ryan Kleskos are identical on the front, but minutely different on the back.  That's a whole lotta sideburn.

Here's another smorgasbord of pure Padre-ness.  The Ben Davis is a welcome addition to my Padres catchers collection.  I loved the All-Star cards from 1992 Fleer Ultra, so eight year old me would be stoked to have this Sheffield card.  This early Khalil looks sharp as well, back when the "SD" was white and orange.

On to some more recent Friars, we have an Emerald Edinson and a Wild Blue Yonder.  While I'm not normally a "get all the colored parallels" kinda guy, the Emeralds would be cool to get, and I'd like as many of the the Alonso parallels as I can get my grubbies on.

Another addition to my 2013 Topps collection.  Even though I'm not putting together the set, there are a few players that I always like to collect.  Kurt Suzuki is a Cal State Fullerton alumni, and... I was there for a year, and he's a catcher, so I like the guy.  I've already talked about how cool Jeremy Guthrie is here.

The last Friar of the post is this Pinnacle Zenith card of Ken Caminiti.  As I typed that, I realized that this set should be sent to the Department of Redundancy Department, since Pinnacle and Zenith mean the same thing.  Still, a pretty cool looking card.  Pinnacle was my favorite brand as a kid, and I don't think it's changed now that I'm a man-kid.

Speaking of my love for Pinnacle, Mark totally hit it out of the park with the rest of his trade package.  I  have had the last ten cards that I need to complete Series 1 of 1992 Pinnacle (my favorite set of all time) since the inception of this here blog.  I've only had one other blogger knock off any from this set, and with the seven that Mark sent, I'm now only three away from completing the inaugural Pinnacle release.  I know it's probably just easier to buy them online than hope that somebody has a few extra cards lying around from over twenty years ago, but spending money on a card of Tim Naehring or Dan Pasqua just seemed a little too hard to do.  The "Idols" card of Lou Gerhig looks cool though, even if it also features Robin Ventura.

Did I say that Mark sent over seven cards from the set?  Here's the last one; a "Sidelines" card of Robin Yount.  Couldn't tell it was him?  Well, it is.  I wonder how many franchise players nowadays are into motocross in the offseason?

Anyways, a great return from Mark, thanks again for the trade!  Lots of additions to the binders here, which reminds me that I need to pick up some pages now, because things are looking pretty stuffed at the moment.


  1. I'm loving those "Sidelines" cards more with each passing day.

  2. Your very welcome. I enjoyed my trade package as well. I was really hoping I could have knocked the rest of those Pinnacle off your list.

  3. Hammer time with Hammer Team! Such a good card. Big Tony as Thor, and whatnot.

    I'd never seen that Wiggins. Jealous, dude!

    I'm such a fan of the 206 cards. That Venable is a good one.

    Great bunch of loot, congrats!