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Thursday, February 7, 2013

io non parlo italiano

I got this freaking sweet Chris Denorfia card from a trade with Weston at Fantastic Catch, and I thought it was a pretty cool coincidence.  My sister, Hannah, was recently extended the opportunity to serve as a missionary in Milan, Italy, and the card shows Deno playing for the Italian team.

Hannah is a pretty awesome person, and I'm fortunate to have her as a sister.  She's nine years younger than me (or something like that... I don't know all of my sibling's birthdays or ages because I'm a great brother in that way).  She road tripped with my wife and I when we first visited Texas during a summer break, which was probably the most fun thing we've ever done together.

For Christmas, she wanted to get me something awesome, and she got me...

Well, okay, she didn't get me these cards, as awesome as Dave Campbell is.  But she got me a hat that looks like one that Campbell is wearing.

She asked me what I wanted, and I told her that I thought it'd be cool to get a Padres hat, but not one of the current versions, one of the styles from the early 90s.  My favorite Padre team was the 1996 team, so I've always loved the blue hats with the white and orange lettering.  Unfortunately, the only ones that we found together were those flat-billed kinds, which is a look that I'm not quite "street" enough to pull off.

Fortunately, I found this one, which I liked even better.  I don't normally do product placement, but American Needle hats are awesome.  This is the second one that I've got (the first one I got a few years back, and was a retro White Sox hat from 1976), and they're super comfortable and look sharp.  If they'd like to send me some free hats, I'd definitely show more pictures of how awesome they look (wink wink).

Even though I usually associate the 1969 Padres with the brown hats and yellow lettering, apparently they had orange lettering, at least for a while.  Use the Campbell cards above as a reference point.

Anyways, it was fun hanging out with my family when they visited for Christmas, and I figured that it would be the last time that I saw Hannah for a while, since she'd be leaving for Italy (well, we didn't know where she was going yet, but we knew that she would be heading out).  However, my wife's parents decided to fly us out for Spring Break in March, and since our families live in San Diegan suburbs that are 15 minutes apart, I'll get to see her again before she leaves.

She leaves in May and will be gone for 18 months.  Those Italians will be lucky to have her.


  1. I have two American Needle hats. One is the 1st Blue Jays hate ever, and the second is a Chicago White Sox one from 1968 (blue with awesome calligraphic S-O-X).
    I purchased the White Sox one because in the summer, I play for a team called the Blue Sox, with blue sleeveless jerseys and white pants with, you guessed it, Blue Sox.

    I really enjoy the Padres caps with the orange lettering, as a cap collector, I've been hoping to find one in my size, but ti hasn't happened yet.

    Best wishes to your sister. Sounds like she got a great draw to spend some time in Italy.

    1. How big is your head, man? Are we talking Bruce Bochy proportions? I'm a 7 3/8, and I always thought I had a big head, but there are always plenty of fitted hats in stock, at least.

      Serving in Italy definitely won't be a vacation, but there'll be some interesting stuff to see while she's there for sure! Italy is the furthest distance away that anybody in my family will have gone to serve; my dad went to Barcelona, I went to Chicago, one of my brothers went to Philadelphia, and I have another brother who is currently in Nicaragua.

  2. Incredible Denorfia card. I'd never seen any card from that set. Freakin' sweet, for sure.

    Well, while I obviously don't have that Denorfia card, I can certainly enjoy it from a distance. However, the Campbell cards I've got and agree, they're also sweet. And the hat, I have the same one. American Needle seems right up there with Ebbets Field and the only thing that would make the hat better, from my perspective, is being wool. I can't find a standard, i.e., non-flat bill wool Padres cap to save my life. I like the A.N. yellow Padres hats as well, but I can't pull that off. Brown and orange for me! I also have plans to visit San Francisco at some point. I imagine the brown and orange "SD" outta confuse a few, while most will never notice the enemy has infiltrated. Heh.

    It's apparent you and your sister have a special relationship. Good on you two! Safe travels to your sister! Any plans to visit her while on that side of the Atlantic?

    ...freakin' sweet Denorfia card!


  3. Thanks! No, not really any plans to head to Italy. Being a Mormon missionary is a pretty full time deal, 24/7, so recreation time is limited to one day a week, which is mostly spent doing laundry, shopping, exercising, writing letters, etc. My parents might go there to pick her up when she's done and do some traveling then, but I'm pretty broke, so I'll be staying here in the good 'ol US of A.