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Sunday, February 17, 2013

From a Few Fellow Friar Fans

From my view, there are four different Padre fans that have card blogs.  You're reading one of 'em, and Rod at Padrographs is another.  Last week, on the same day, I received cards from the other half of the Friar faithful.  A pretty good day, if I do say so myself.  Brace yo-self for an avalanche of awesomeness.

The Underdog Card Collector is the newest of the San Diego-centric blogs.  Zach also collects the Chargers (ug), but don't hold it against him.  Even though he's fairly new, it looks like he's put together a pretty decent collection of Padre cards, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a little jealous at times.

But, he was able to scrounge up some Padres to send my way, and I sent him a pretty decent Padre haul in return.  Hopefully what it lacks in quality, it can make up for in sheer volume.

Anyways onto the haul from Zach...

Ben Davis was a pretty big disappointment for the Padres.  Highly touted coming up, he only only hit .238 with 101 RBI and 19 homers in his three seasons with the Friars.  Still, this is a sharp looking card,  making Davis kinda look like a comic book superhero.  One who's super powers don't involve hitting a baseball.

 Here are some of the "lesser" Padres that were sent.  Damian Jackson makes his second appearance on the blog in as many days.  I still think it's pretty cool that one of the all time greats, Rickey Henderson, spent some time in a San Diego uniform.  The Mark Kotsay card is from 2002, and he's still on the Padres in 2013, despite a few years off in between.  Looking a little more haggard these days.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Gwynn-ness that was in the package from Zach.  A bunch of Gwynns, 19 of which were new to me.  Thought that was a pretty fitting number.  This is a pretty sweet card featuring the two best hitters to ever play for San Diego.  From my parents house to Petco Park, you take Ted Williams Expressway to get to I-15, so this is a cool card in my book, despite the artwork that doesn't quite nail Tony's likeness.

Here are a few of my favorite from the Gwynn's that came my way.  I love the Score All-Star card, which takes only a few slight liberties with the size of Tony's head, although the rest of him has never looked more trim.  The Benito Santiago card from the same set is still the best, however.  I'm pretty sure that's also the first Gwynn card I have of him in a camo-jersey.  The Topps HD cards look sharp, not quite sure how they capture the High Definition technology and put it into a piece of cardboard, but they done good on this one.  The top middle card is from Pinnacle, which was my favorite brand as a kid (RIP).

He also sent me this McCovey mini from 2011 Topps, which I thought was pretty nifty.  Not sure why they chose to feature him as a Friar, since he did most of his damage in San Francisco, but I'll take it.  My first card of Willie as a Padre.

Zach also sent me all of the Padres I was missing from this year's Topps Series 1.  This one was the one I was looking forward to the most.  All hail Headley, your 2012 National League RBI champ!  The rest of the guys will get their due on a later post.

Well, at this point, I'd normally stop and say "All right, that's enough cardboard for a day, I'll give the next batch of cards a post of it's own."  However, the "Other 29" teams posts that are leading up to Opening Day are really cutting into the time that I have to feature other stuff on the blog (since I'm doing one every other day), so I'm cramming two awesome trade posts into one.

TTG at Friars on Cardboard, being the great guy that he is, sent me a PWE with some great stuff...

 The Finley gets the middle placement for being a Padre card of his that I didn't already have.  I haven't crunched the numbers, but I'm pretty sure that I have more cards of his from his Astros/Orioles days than in a Sandy Eggo uniform.  I'd prefer it the other way around.  The Blair and Ausmus are both from the 1996 Mother's Cookies set.  I wasn't a fan of these cards as a kid because they weren't "real" (e.g. major brand), but I love these now.  1996 was my favorite year as a Padre fan, and both Blair and Ausmus are still with the Padres (as a pitching coach and special assistant).  Brad has also played more games than any other Jewish player and is third in putouts for a catcher among catchers (regardless of nationality).

He also helped add to my long-time Player Collections.  Can't have too many Gwynns.  This Erstad is cool/unique in that it is clear plastic, and kinda looks like a swipe card to get into a room of a fancy hotel.  A hotel with a heavy baseball theme.

The last two cards that he sent me were a pleasant surprise.  I've mentioned before that my daughter's name is Harper, and when I was a kid, I was always finding cards of Twins catcher Brian Harper.  I've added him to the "third tier" of my player collections, looking for cards of him in his catcher's gear.  Almost disregarded this '93 Donruss card, which featured him swinging a bat, but remembered to flip it over and found what I was looking for.  I already have a few pages of Padres catchers that are flipped over in my binders, showing the backs of the cards with pictures of them in their gear.  Now Brian will be turned around as well.

Thanks to Zach and Joe for all the sweet cardboard, all in one day!  You guys are great, thanks for repping SD in the blogosphere.  Maybe someday there will be a card blogger that actually lives in southern California.  Until then, keep in real in Colorado and West Virginia!

EDIT: just before hitting "Publish", I remembered Electric Friar, another card blog with a San Diego slant.  I haven't yet contacted him, but he may be in SD, so maybe there's a Padre fan in San Diego after all.


  1. I feel so lonely. There are so many more Padres fans than me as the lone Mariners fan. Even some of the other less winning teams have plenty of bloggers. I hope this year we will start to be good again so I won't be the only M's blogger.

  2. Awesome post, Marcus, thank you! The cards look great on your blog and that's pretty sweet 19 of those Gwynn's were new to your collection. Frankly, I was hoping even one would be unique. Isn't that mini McCovey killer?! That Davis card cracks me up. Makes him look a bit more like a boss than he ever was. Anyway, I've still been savoring the anticipation of cracking your two-ton package of cards here, but once home, I'll tear into it and get a post up this week (I hope). Again, thanks!

  3. @Mariner1, you got a Griffey blogger right here!

    I'm wondering where the Marlins bloggers are hiding.