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Sunday, February 3, 2013


I'll be honest, I'm not really interested in cards that feature other sports.  It just seems weird to me, can't really explain why.

There are two exceptions: Clyde Drexler (basketball) and Marcus Allen (football).

I'll get to a post on Clyde the Glide later on (maybe during the NBA playoffs), but since today is Super Bowl Sunday, I'll give some football cards their due on the blog.

I will always admire Marcus Allen, even though he was a Raider, which as a fair-weather Charger fan, I cannot stand.  I guess you tend to admire the people that you were named after.

Yep, Marcus Allen led the Raiders to a Super Bowl championship in 1984.  I was born seven months later, and we now share the same first name.  I've never really dug for details on why my parents (or more specifically, my dad) chose that name, since they weren't Raiders fans, and we didn't live in southern California (I was born in Portland, hence my childhood infatuation with Clyde Drexler).  Regardless, he seems like a pretty good guy, and I'm sure a guy could do worse than be named after him.

By the time I got into sports, Allen was on his way out of the NFL.  I kinda got in to the Chargers when they went to the Super Bowl, but getting annihilated by the 49ers got me off the bandwagon quick.  Still, how could you not think Junior Seau (RIP) was the man?

My favorite player as a kid, though, was Marshall Faulk.  To this day, I've never been to an NFL game, and I don't anticipate that ever happening.  I have been to a few college games, though, all at Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium.  Faulk went to San Diego State, so I saw him play in school.  When he was drafted by the Colts, I became a Colts fan.

Then in high school, I got my first job at Ralph's, a southern California grocery store chain.  I happened to work at one that was frequented by Chargers rookie quarterback Drew Brees.  The birthmark was a giveaway.  I saw him a couple of times, and only managed a "Good game on Sunday Mr. Brees" the one time that I spoke to him.  But he was super gracious, smiled, and said thanks.  Since then, he's been my favorite player.  He got me interested in the Chargers again, and when San Diego let him walk and he signed with the New Orleans, I became a Saints fan.

Obviously, as you can tell by my "loyalties", I'm not really much of a football fan.  I like a good game as much as the next guy, but it doesn't hold a candle to baseball.  These are the only three football cards I own.

Anyways, I guess I'm kinda rooting for the 49ers, but I don't care that much who wins.

Wake me up when baseball season starts.

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  1. I just saw an episode of The Golden Girls the other night (my girlfriend is a fan) where they name-dropped Marcus Allen. "Rose, when are you going to accept the fact that your daughter moves faster than Marcus Allen?" "I can't accept it, I don't know who Marcus Allen is!"

    Good, timely post. The only non-baseball player I collect is Dennis Rodman but I have a few assorted Chargers cards too.