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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fantastic Trade

Weston from Fantastic Catch hit me up a while back to make a trade.  I can't remember what I sent him, other than that it was a bunch of Cardinals and a fistful of rookie cards.  In return, I got a neat stack of Padre cards.  The best of the bunch I'm saving for later on in the week, but here is the best of the rest.

By the way, in case you've never heard of (or seen) the 2012 National League RBI leader, it is Mr. Chase Headley, pictured above.  Last year's Triple Play cards were the surprise of the year, as I really liked them.  A lot of the images even looked like the players.  This is not an example of that.

I don't know how it works out, but I'm pretty sure that, of all the Kouzmanoff cards I have, at least two thirds of them are rookie cards.  Not complaining here.

I'm not sure how old Weston is, but I'm fairly sure that he's one of the younger baseball card bloggers out there.  These cards are a handful of years older than me, and I can't imagine how much older they are than him.  By the way, I was reading an article on 9/11 with a group of students last week, and do you know what they were doing on that particular day?  Nothing, since most of them were not alive yet.  Feeling old yet?  I know I am.

Spoiler alert!  The best card of the trade is a World Baseball Classic card from 2009.  After finding out that Weston had some WBC cards, I told him that if he had any others that he didn't mind parting with, I'd take 'em.  He sent me a few (one that I'm already looking to ship to another blogger), including a few of the Japanese team.

I really like the Abe card (I found a picture of him, and he's not like Ichiro, he has his last name on his jersey).  He's been the catcher for the Yomiuri Giants for the past 12 years, and hit .340 in 2012.  Iwakuma is currently a relief pitcher in Seattle.  Japan won the Gold at the World Baseball Classic in 2009, so these are some award winning guys!  No awards for uniform design, however, as these are obviously knockoffs of the Cleveland Indians generic uniforms.

The Fernando isn't a WBC card, but I figured the whole "global" theme fit in well enough here.

Anyways, a great trade on my end, thanks a lot man!  Anybody paying attention to the World Baseball Classic?  Seems pretty cool to me, but the US will never be any good unless more players opt in.

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