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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cards from the Great Lake State

It's no secret that Patrick from Hot Corner Cards has a serious Tigers slant on his cardboard blog.  I like it.  It's a little difficult for me to understand how you can be a serious fan of baseball (or baseball cards) and not have a specific team that you root for.  My football loyalties are pretty loose (my "favorite" teams have ranged from the Chargers to the Colts to the Saints), but I wouldn't consider myself more than a casual football fan.

Anyways, putting together trade packages for team collectors is always fun, because it's a little easier than other collectors.  I'm not sure about everybody else, but I'll pretty much empty the clip when I'm trading with team collectors.  After my last trade with Pat, I was all out of cards of the Motor City Kitties, but that's fine, because I got plenty of Padre goodness in return.

While it'd be hard to pick any "standout" cards, many new additions to the binders were made, including all of these.

I have had trouble finding Ryan Klesko cards that I deemed worthy of entering the binders, but it seems like my last crop of trades have been filled with decent Klesko's.  The Blummer from the same Heritage set is great as well.  Can't have too many Bips, and despite the metric ton of Peavy cards that I have gotten (some kept, some put in the box for my students), these are keepers as well.

The Gwynn and Hoffman are both new additions to the collection, which are always welcome.  I really need to have my Gwynn's organized in a way that I can keep track of how many I have, as it is well past 200 at this point, and easily the biggest part of my Padre collection.  John Kruk has the worst looking Padre cards in the history of the franchise, but I like this one.  Can't really say why.  I already had the Austin Hedges card, but I really like it, so I thought I'd show it off again.  I already gave this one out to one of my students who has been a slowly improving this year, and she loved it.

Some horizontal cards.  Barrett is one of my least favorite all-time Padres, but is a begrudging addition to the Padres catchers portion of my binders.  The top right card is of Mike Cameron, which looks like a miniature piece of art.  Joyner and Kouzmanoff are big time favorites of mine.

More Khalil!  Khalil is one of the players who always makes it into the binder, regardless of how I feel about the look of the card.  Fortunately, these ones already look great.

The surprise of the package were a pair of San Antonio Missions cards.  I love minor league cards, because airbrushing prospects into the cards of the big league team is lame.  My goal is to make it down for a Missions game this year, since it's the second closest professional team to my house (the Round Rock Express are the closest, and the Missions barely edge out the Texas Rangers by sixteen miles).  Bonus points since I was actually a Wade LeBlanc fan during his time in SD.  I've never heard of Huffman until now, but it looks like he was playing for the Indians' AAA club last year.

Ok, I was wrong.  These are definitely the highlights of the package.  This Steve Finley card looks sharp, despite the purpley-textured background.  Can never have too many Finley cards.  And this Mark Davis card is one that I'd never seen, and is apparently from the 1990 Bowman set.  On the back is an offer to win a "set of 11 paintings of superstar players by artist Craig Pursley" which have "a value in excess of $440.00".  Big time stuff.  A good looking card of a Padres Cy Young Award winner.

Besides the Padres that Pat sent, he sent me a handful of catchers as well.  While I'm not really collecting catchers from other teams at the same clip I was when I started this blog, I'm a fan of John Buck, and Donny Lucy is a San Diego boy who went to Fallbrook High, about 40 minutes north of where I grew up.  He was named the San Diego County Male Athlete of the Year in 2001, playing baseball and also being a running back for the football team.  According to baseball-reference.com, he made it into 21 big league games over parts of three seasons (2007, '10-'11), all for the White Sox.  He hit a decent .250 (10 for 40) with a homer, a stolen base, three RBI, and four doubles.  Looks like he's out of the game now, and currently selling avocados.  

All in all, a very solid group of cards here!  Thanks for keeping it hot on the corner, Pat!


  1. Man, 2008 Upper Deck was pretty badass. I just can't make up my mind about which UD flagship set has the nicest look. But '08 is definitely in the discussion.

  2. Love that Michael Barrett card. Love it.