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Thursday, February 14, 2013

30 Teams in 30 Posts: Diamondbacks

As a countdown to the 2013 season, I'll be doing a feature on each Major League team.  This has been done before - probably better - in other places by other people.  I'll try to mix it up as much as I can though.  I am listing the teams in order of proximity to my current location; central Texas.  I'll be doing one of these posts (hopefully) every other day, with the last post featuring the Padres on Opening Day. Enjoy!

"Seriously, dude?  You're doing a post on a baseball card blog that's devoted to an entire team, and all you're able to come up with is three lousy cards?  Why do you even bother doing this if this is all ya got?"

Okay, like my above inner monologue says, this is an admittedly weak entry in the "30 Teams" series.  It gets better, I plomise (I just finished up the photos for the Reds post and it'll be a good one).  Just not today.

If I don't have many cards of the team, chances are, it's a division rival.  On to the Diamondbacks!

1,012 miles.


Sure I rooted for them to beat the Yankees in the '01 World Series, and sure, they're not quite on the "Dodgers-Giants" tier of animosity.  Still, I don't like these guys.  Maybe it was the purple/now rust colored uniforms (you know they're ugly when a Padres fan is bagging on them), or maybe it's that Steve Finley left San Diego as a free agent and signed there.  I suppose the biggest reason is that they're division rivals, and how can you root for a rival?

Still, that Finley signing was a huge bummer, though.

Probably the biggest connection between these two southwestern teams are their general managers.  Josh Byrnes got his start in Arizona before becoming the Padres GM, and Kevin Towers is the Diamondbacks GM after starting off in San Diego.  Heath Bell is going to be closing setting up maybe pitching for them this year.

Former: Steve Finley

Current: Martin Prado

Former: Byung-Hyun Kim?  I guess?

Current: Jason Kubel, who seems to destroy pitching every time he faces a team I like, despite only being a career .268 hitter.

Apologies for the lack of cardboard in the "Favorite Players" section, where it is usually located, but Steve Finley cards during his Diamondback days are just too gruesome for me to look at, so they've been banished from my collection, and Martin Prado, fresh off his trade from Atlanta, has yet to get his D-Back debut, so he's unavailable as well.

That said, there are a few cards that can go here...

Emphasis on few.

The 2012 Topps Archives have been my "go-to" if I'm running low on cards for the team.  Here are the two that they got in the '71 style portion of the set (which is two more than the Padres got in the whole set).  Not really a fan of Montero or Cahill, but I love the design.

Jason Marquis was the Padres big free agent signing this off season (along with Freddy Garcia).  What?   You thought he played for the Padres last season?  Well, he did, and since nobody else on the free agent market wanted him, he came back to San Diego.  Big whoop.

Man, this is depressing.

Well, I'm probably being a little overly optimistic, especially since the Diamondbacks made few big moves in the offseason (bringing in Bell, Prado, and Didi Gregorious, shipping of Upton and Bauer).  But I'll be a homer and say that the Padres will come away with the better record in 2013, and that the Diamondbacks  will finish 4th in the NL West.

Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

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  1. I hate the Diamondbacks.

    So let's do the old AAA Giants affiliate, the Phoenix Firebirds

    Favorite Player: Will Clark

    Least: Matt Williams

    Card: any

    Prediction: Albuquerque Isotopes (Dukes) win the PCL