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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Teams in 30 Days: Braves

As a countdown to the 2013 season, I'll be doing a feature on each Major League team.  This has been done before - probably better - in other places by other people.  I'll try to mix it up as much as I can though.  I am listing the teams in order of proximity to my current location; central Texas.  I'll be doing one of these posts (hopefully) every other day, with the last post featuring the Padres on Opening Day. Enjoy!

936 miles.


Growing up in the 90s, everybody and their mother was a Braves fan, and they were really good.  I guess, more importantly, my main card trading compadres were Braves fans, and Justin and Matt never let me hear the end of how good the Braves were and how bad the Padres were.  When Fred McGriff was traded to Atlanta, I thought my world was going to end.  Those guys were insufferable.

The trio of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz was amazing, and even though they haven't quite topped the success they had in the 90s, in my mind, those three guys are still pitching and mowing everybody down.  Do they still do the Tomahawk Chop?  

The Fred McGriff trade to Atlanta has to be one of the worst in the history of trades, or at least it is for me.  Greg Maddux made a stop in San Diego near the end of his career, and seeing him win a start for San Diego is something I will probably tell my grandkids about, assuming they like hearing stories about old baseball players.  One of my favorite "I hardly ever play" guys on the Padres was Ed Giovanola, who got his start in the Braves organization.  Marcus Giles played second base for the Braves and Padres.  I guess as long as we're talking about "connections", the 1984 brawl between the Bravos and Friars has to go down as one of the ugliest in the history of the game.

Former: Hank Aaron

Current: Craig Kimbrel

Former: David Justice - seriously, you can't make a marriage with Halle Berry work?  Oh, that and you played for the Braves and Yankees.  Three strikes, man.

Current: Justin Upton

My last "30 Teams" post featured Dale, but this is a more familiar look for Brother Murphy.  

In case you can't tell, I loved the 2012 Topps Archives set.  The cards that featured the 1971 design will be featured prominently throughout this series.  Not huge fans of either McCann or Chippah, but that has more to do with the uniform they wear than the types of players/people they are.

This was the first relic card that I'd ever pulled out of a pack.  While I wasn't super attached to it a first, the fact that I found it was pretty cool, and the more I watched Prado, the more I liked him.  To this date, it's my only bat relic, though I've pulled/been traded a few jersey cards.

Since pulling the Prado relic card, I started collecting other cards of his.  I especially like the 2012 Gypsy Queen card, featuring him bunting.  Now that he's with the Diamondbacks, my feelings about him will change.  I was hoping he was just a rental, but I think they signed a multi-year deal with him.  Oh well.

The Bravos finished last year behind the Nationals in the NL East standings, but still snagged the wildcard.  Being in the same division as the rebuilding Marlins and Mets will be nice for them, and I don't think the Phillies are quite ready to challenge for a division title yet, so I will continue my complete lack of originality in the "Predictions" category and say that they will finish second in the NL East again.  I will, however, say that I don't think they'll get the wildcard - I think it'll come out of the other two divisions in 2013.


  1. Had you grown up in the 80s (Gene Garber! Yay!), I can hope you would have more of a soft spot for the Bravos. Maybe I'm alone when I say this, but I've always felt more sympathetic towards the awful teams, year-in, year-out (e.g. the Pirates and the Mariners) than towards, say, the Nationals. Grrr....

    1. Yeah, I think my feelings are definitely a product of the era I grew up in. They were the first team I disliked, even before the Dodgers or the Yankees.

    2. This probably doesn't soothe any ire towards the Braves, but I feel obligated to tell you that yes, we still do the Tomahawk Chop. Proudly, at that :)

    3. As much as I disliked the Braves as a kid, I was always a little jealous about the Chop, and I wished the Padres had something cool like that. I imagined that it was super intimidating as a opposing player. Glad it's done proudly!

  2. All-Time Favorite: Warren Spahn
    Current: B.J. Upton

    Least Favorite All Time: Chipper Jones
    current: Dan Uggla

    Favorite card: '54 Aaron

    Prediction: 4th NL East