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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Worst Baseball Cards Ever

Has anyone else come across baseball cards that look like this?

Of course, I love the design of 1992 Pinnacle, as I've discussed multiple times before.  But something about the players and teams featured here just seems... off.

Mark Osborne, a left fielder, appears to be dropping his bat after putting down a bunt, ready to hustle down the line.  The second card, of center fielder Carey Wilson, however, appears to be in the on deck circle, sizing up an opposing pitcher.

I'm guessing this is some sort of "winter league", due to the bulky jerseys (I'm assuming they're wearing sweaters and long johns underneath them), and those batting gloves look a little bigger than normal, but very warm.  Plus, what kind of ridiculous name is "Maple Leafs" or "Flames" for a baseball team?

Since I was a finalist in the Geography Bee in my middle school, I know that Toronto, where the "Maple Leafs" (or should it be "Maple Leaves"?) play, is in Canada, and was probably a farm club for the Blue Jays or the Expos (RIP).  I had to do a little more research for Calgary, and found the city's website at www.calgary.ca.  I'm assuming that the "ca" stands for California, and the Flames seem like they could be a precursor to what is currently known as the Bakersfield Blaze, the Reds high-A minor league team.

Anyways, let me know if anybody else has come across strange looking cards like these before.  I tried searching the two players on baseball-reference.com, but the only Mark Osborne I found was drafted by Arizona in 1996, and I couldn't even find a Carey Wilson.  This is the first time that B-R has ever failed me.  Maybe these are limited edition error cards and are worth thousands of dollars.

On a separate note, has anyone checked their radio lately?  The sports talk stations that I usually listen to have been airing re-runs.  They all seem to be from October, since they're talking about Washington being in the playoffs, led by a rookie of the year candidate.  I get it, Bryce Harper can throw well and run well, what's the big deal?  Starting to get tired of the hype.

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  1. Some years, from what I've heard, the winter league actually plays games and is very competitive.

    Sadly, I think that this year, because of the late start that the league may more resemble a beer league. (Especially my favorite team, the Maple Leaves....)