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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Many GWYNNsdays

Have you ever bought something at the store because you thought you were out of it?  You think "Hey, these apples look good, and whenever you see good produce, you gotta scoop it up, because the next shipment might not look as good."  And when you get home, you see that all your good intentions are for naught, because you have a whole fridge drawer full of sweet, succulent apples?

Okay, maybe that's a little specific (it also doesn't matter if the mistake is with apples, because I eat them every day - keeps the doctor away).  Still, when I was surfing eBay looking for cheap Padre cards with free shipping, I came across this one.

I met the minimum bid, which was 50 cents, and a few days later, found out that eBay agreed with my mother; I was a winner!

However, upon receiving the card, I went to add it to the "Personal Collection" list on the right side of the blog, and found that... it was one that I already had!  Ug.  I'm usually more thorough before pulling the trigger on eBay, but I got cocky.

My Gwynn collection used to be small enough that I knew if I had it just by looking at it.  As of right now, I believe the count is at 230 cards.  And I thought I knew each one of them.

I guess somebody who gets the names of his only two children mixed up probably doesn't have the memory to keep them all in order.

How about them apples?

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  1. Ive done that a couple of times as well! I usually lose track after I have 9 or more. Great post!