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Friday, January 11, 2013

Trade with Robert

When I first became obsessed with music, I was a huge proponent of mix tapes.  Maybe it seems tired or cliche now, but I was way into sitting next to my stereo (that also had a tape player) and waiting for the right song to come on and then hitting "record".  To this day, I still remember the witty deejay banter or annoying commercials that were on after some of those songs.  When I first started dating, I had evolved from recording stuff off the radio to recording it from my growing CD collection.

It wasn't just girls, but if I ever had a buddy who wanted to know what I was listening to, or wanted to preview a band that we might be seeing later on, I'd make a mix.

I always thought the key to a perfect mix was variety; sticking to something that you know the listener will enjoy, as well as something that they might not have heard of but might still enjoy.  Having a wide range of genres was always good as well, but difficult to blend together sometimes.

Anyways, all this rambling brings me to a trade package from Robert at $30 A Week Habit.  I sent him over some serial numbered cards and a Blue Jay or two, and he sent me a handful of of Padres.

First the "surefire hit".

A serial numbered card of Padres prospect Robbie Erlin, numbered 140/199.  Like most people, Bowman confuses me with their weird numbering system and slightly different parallels.  Don't know a lot about Erlin, but the blue background looks sharp with the Padre blue.  And it's so shiny!

Next up, a cardboard version of the "deeper cut", the song that isn't as catchy as that song on the radio, but still becomes a crowd favorite.

Trying to break down the awesomeness of this card (I almost considered giving it it's own post - well, I mean I did consider it, I just decided not to).

  • 2009 O-Pee-Chee was a great throwback-style set that gets love from lots of bloggers, and for good reason.
  • Also a black-bordered card from the set, which look even sharper than the base set.  Points for being a parallel.
  • Jake Peavy, one of the top Padres pitchers of all time, is not shown on the mound, but is instead on the base paths, looking to round third and head for home at Petco Park.
  • Speaking of Petco Park, I like recognizing the ads on the fence, including one for XX 1090, a sports station on the AM dial that covers the Padres games.
  • Assuming that he wasn't taking an off day, the butt featured prominently in this picture belongs to current third base coach Glenn Hoffman, older brother of Padres legend Trevor.

All in all, I love this card, it has a lot of character and is pretty unique.  Not a lot of "pitcher running the bases with the coach's backside taking up half the shot" cards out there.

Lastly, we have the mix of genres.  Old and new cards, both new to the binders.  I keep getting random mini Padres cards in trade packages, and I think they're starting to grow on me.  If I ever find binder pages that they fit into, I might try to get ahold of more.  Obviously, I'm a sucker for the brown and gold.

Thanks for the trade, Robert!  It's a hit!

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